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Ski Make: Salomon
Ski Model: Crossmax 10
Ski Length: 165cm
Snow Conditions Used In: ice and wet granular
Number of Days Used: 1
Your Ability: racer
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 10
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 60ish
Other Skis You Like: Elan Rossi and Salomon race stock
Your Height/Weight: 5'7" 155lbs

Comments: This was a FUN ski! VERY EASY! It seemed to do everything i asked it to, without complaining. It had a slalom ski feel, but didnt have the slalom ski kick and temperment. It was smooth in and out of turns, and very quick edge to edge. I could ski it in very tigh slalom turns, to medium GS turns without much trouble. At the short length it wasnt terribly stable in really fast big GS turns, but i think that problem would be solved with the 175cm ski. It paid off to use a very wide stance and just roll the skis back and forth. It didnt help to power, muscle, or throw the ski around... if you did do that, it simply skied the same as if you didnt power, muscle, or throw the ski around... which brings us back to the ski being easy to ski on. If youre looking to improve your carving without beating yourself up, this could be your ticket. Its ice performance wasnt amazing, but the edges were less than tuned. It still held rather well considering how much it was skied that day. If youre looking for an energetic ride, the Fischer RX8 is a better choice, but if you already have a slalom ski that makes you feel over worked and you want something to relax on a little bit - this is your ski. I wouldnt recommend skiing this ski if you arent an aggressive or polished skier. Meaning, it likes you to be foreward and to direct it - not really pilot it, but direct and steer it. User input is good, but too much can be overkill.

My brother and dad both tried this ski, and both felt the way i did about it. My dad seemed to like it for performance more than my brother and i did. Ironically enough, my dad had some of the best runs all day on this ski, and they really made his skiing much better.