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Ski Make: Head
Ski Model: i.XRC
Ski Length: 180cm
Snow Conditions Used In: ice, granular, wet granular
Number of Days Used: 1
Your Ability: racer
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 10
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 60ish
Other Skis You Like: Elan & Slalomon race stock skis
Your Height/Weight: 5'7"/155lbs

Comments: This was a very fun very fast ski. My comments are based mainly on using this ski as an all-mountain GS carver based on the length that i skied on. My younger brother, who weighs slightly less than i do, tried the 172cm i.XRC and his comments were very similar to mine. First off, the ski is smooth and damp. For high speeds (out of the race course) it is a great ski. It feels like it is glued to the snow almost. I dont know if this is because of the intelligence system or what it is, but the ski tracks the snow very well. Onc eyou are in the turn, the ski does not like to release from the turn, so you better stay foreward on it. In order to stop on them you almost have to pick the tails off the snow and turn them sideways. The edgehold was as muhc as anyone will ever need while free skiing. While they werent as solid on ice as a race stock GS ski, they were at home on hard snow. If i wanted a GS carver for free skiing, i would deffinitely look into this ski, possible in the 172 instead of the 180. The reason i chose the 180, is because i wanted to compare it to other GS skis that i have been on (and my brother wanted the 172). If i was going to buy it for recreational racing i would get the 180.