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I've been running an annual ski trip to Vermont with 3 of my friends for the past 5 years now.  In that time we've skiied Killington 3 times, Sugarbush once, and Smuggler's Notch once.  We always go either late January or early February.

We usually book a 2 BR condo for the 4 of us, and have settled on a Wed-Sun trip the past few years.  We usually end up doing our booking directly through the Killington or Sugarbush booking services. 


My question - does anybody have any advice on how to secure the best deal for a trip like this?  Killington brought us back last year by throwing a 30% discount our way via an email blast, but other than that we usually end up paying what's on the websites.


Anybody who has booking advice please share. I just started looking into our 2014 trip.