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Anyone have any real experience with these skis? I am ditching my Rossi Exp. 98 after one season-bought the 172 and its too short, too damp, too ...someone else.

Thinking of the Kabookie in a 180 as I'm 160, 5'8, expert-50 day yr. I like the idea of a ski that has more energy and it sounds like this ski will actually offer more than the Bonafide. I mostly ski short-med radius but like to open it up on occasion. Will be doing mostly front and side country with it. I also have a pair of the 8.0 Graphite in 172 that I love on hard days/race courses. Thanks!

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Plenty of folks here have tried them. Just Google [epicski kabookie] and you will find the comments.
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Think about the Norrdica Hell and Back as well.
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Originally Posted by markojp View Post

Think about the Norrdica Hell and Back as well.




I've been skiing the E98 in the 180cm and while I loved it mostly, found it harder work in some situations than I needed. I'm now on the H'n'B and it is much quicker, lively and more energetic ski especially in short/medium turns.

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Have tried them once on 1.5 feet of fresh snow and loved them...but ended up with the Hell & Back which are also all wood but with a smaller radius...

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I have a pair.great ski in crud. I would say it makes carved turns med. to long very well short turns are made easy because of the rocker with a pivot turn. I weight 170 5 10 and ski 120 days at least.
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I have skied them back to back with the Bonafides, performance is very similar with the Kabookies just being a bit lighter. 

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I bought a pair last year and skied them almost exclusively.  I have them set up with a Marker F12 and use them for touring and off piste as well as resort skiing.  I don't tour for more than 3 hrs. at a whack so they are light enough for that amount of climbing. I never found a slope or snow condition where they were out of their element.  Seem to be very comfortable no matter what you ask of them.  Very easy turning, hold well on hard snow, predictable in cut up snow.  I'm 6'0", 190lbs with 50+ years of skiing and skied 40+ days last year.  Ski size is 180.  If I tried every ski on the market in this category, I might find one that I liked better, but these put a smile on my face every time out.

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