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help with wide foot, high instep

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looking for some direction as to boots which may be a good match for my wide foot.  i know i need a proper boot fitter, just want some ideas on boots that are good matches beforehand.  also any good boot fitter recommendations for southern Connecticut area.  deff willing to drive an hour but would like to keep it near that due to multiple trips etc.  


foot length 26.25cm

width at widest part of foot 111mm

i also have a long arch according to brannock measurement, 26.25cm is about a size 9.0 on a brannock and my arch length is more like 9.5-10.0 (sorry mixing mondo and brannock, just haven't seen a concept of arch length for mondo).  

also high instep, don't know how to measure but its high as i have trouble fitting into work/dress shoes that measure 9.5 EEE.  only sneakers i can wear are new balance size 10, either EE or EEEE depending on the last. 


would love to hear some thoughts as to how to size this foot.  i am currently in a tecnica pheonix 110 hvl 27.  the shell fit for length is 2cm which is on the upper end but fitter/seller said he wouldn't go smaller cause of arch length.  i just wondering if i could get stuffed into a smaller boot for more performance and if that would be recommended.  i am an advanced skier, 6ft, 200lbs.  or do i leave well enough alone.  


any thots appreciated.  




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as you said, best to look for a boot fitter (and I have no idea on that) but most stores will have ordered in something to work with most feet shapes.

Most brands now make something in wider and stiffer, so best to start finding a person, or store, and let them help you to see what works for you.

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looks like you're gonna need some heel lift!

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Your instep looks high to me, but going by pictures is tough.  Either way there are several ways to get more instep height.  First you can have the plastic on the tongue thinned.  It is surprisingly effective and doesn't affect fit elsewhere or stance.  On many boots the boot board can be lowered, which gives more height by lowering the heel.  This may also have the added benefit of helping you stay forward which pushes your foot back into the heel pocket.  Also as Zoo said sometimes raising the heel helps.  Either raising or lowering the heel comes with the disadvantage of affecting fit elsewhere.



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thanks for the replies.  just curious, what the thinking behind raising the heel?  would think that takes up more space

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looking at the pictures it looks as though you may have a pretty solid foot and with this often comes a tight calf muscle and limited flexion at the ankle, a heel lift will balance out the ankle allowing you to flex the boot/ankle forward  you just need to allow space for this in the boot, all possible but impossible to do over the net

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Looking at the pictures, that foot shape is very common in Australia, I see them almost daily.

I have had great success with the Head adapt edge boots for the width and the instep height, often having to widen the boots at the forefoot (met heads), in some cases where the instep was exceptionally high I have used a Zipfit liner as they are a thinner liner both in the area of the instep and the forefoot, I would get a dorsiflexion test done before using a heel lift wedge, as this can add to the instep problem and will change your stance slightly, but if your flexion is limited it is a good option.

As always booking an appointment with a reputable boot fitter is the best solution, as pictures don't allow for a foot analysis to determine flexion among other things.
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