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Salomon Boots - Questions

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I've use Salomon boot for years - they fit my feet very well, so I probably want to stick with Salomon.  My last pair was the X3 130, which I loved, but are getting to be toast with a packed out liner and some damage to the hinges.  Currently, I'm looking at the X Max 130 or 120, but also might consider the Quest Max 130 or 120.  I have some questions that might help me narrow the choice.


The first question is about flex - I enjoyed the X3 130 flex, but a trusted sales guy suggested that I should consider the 120 because I ski bumps a lot.  Having said that, I ski everything from hardpack days with carving skis to all day in the chutes, crud and bumps on mid fata and fats.  I am an aggressive skier and am concerned about over-powering a less stiff boot.  However, a less stiff boot might be somewhat better in the bumps.  So the question  is whether there is really a noticeable difference between the Salomon 120 and 130 flex.  (BTW, I weigh about 170 and am 5'10")


The second question has to do with performance between the X-Max and Quest Max.  Having a boot that can do some side-country and is more walk-able has some appeal.  My BC boot is the Scarpa Maestrale, which I will continue to use for true BC skiing, but there are times at some hills where a side-county jaunt or two is appealing - hence the interest in the Quest.  Also, doing work at ski races is also more comfortable in a boot that can release the cuff for walking.  On the other hand, to me, I want performance and have been less than happy with using BC boots as a resort boot (Previously used BD Factor and others, but the skiing experience was just not the same).  So, I'm hesitant to go with the Quest, as performance, to me, trumps the sidecountry or working races side of things.  Will I lose substantial performance on the Quest compared to the X Max?


I might have answered my own questions, but some input from the "boot guys" should be helpful.



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every brand and his brother have loaded the market with hike & ride boots side country boots etc etc, all of them have one thing in common, to make them function you have to (in some way) break the spine of the boot, as soon as you do that then there is a performance difference, it is much less than it has been in the past but none the less there has to be a difference as you have got 2 items which are not connected as firmly as they would be without the break


flex wise i would probably stick with the 130 if that is what you have had in the past, you can always make it softer if it proves too stiff, the only other hing i would look at is sizing.... the new salomon boots are positively huge to size, you will most likely drop a shell size, sop make sure your fitter shell checks them before you pull the trigger

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Thanks CEM,


That's what I was thinking after I wrote the question.


Also, thanks for the warning about sizing.  I have been using fairly snug fit with about a finger behind my heel in the shell  and want to keep the same fit.  I did not need any boot work for fitting the X3. However, I broke my big toe a few years back, and now have a small protuberance although that should be easily managed with formable shell.  

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A few things to add.  Flex is entirely personal preference, entirely.  It may be best to ski bumps in a softer boot for some people but it doesn't mean it is for you.  Make up your own mind about flex and err on the side of to stiff since boots can be softened.  


All boots have moldable shells.  So any changes necessary for your toes can be made in any shell.  When CEM is talking size I believe he is also talking volume so getting a one finger shell size may still not get you the close fit you should have.


If you are ready to start working we have received Head already, will receive Rossi next week and the rest is not far behind.



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Thanks Lou.  I'm not sure of what exactly CEM is talking about, although he mentioned dropping a shell size, which suggested that their sizing might not be the same.  Seems odd, but sizing is only a number.  The width specification of the boot is still 98, but I can't find the boot sole length on the Solomon web site.   I won't know until I  do a shell fit.  If it does not work, I'll look at other options.   The Solomon boots worked very well for me in the past.

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i was talking about the size (length) of the boot, i measure 29, my head race boots are a 28/28.5 shell, in the X max i can wear a 27/27.5 shell with little work doing to it


the 98mm last measurement is taken in a size 26/26.5 for most brands (head use 27 but also now list 25 and 26) it increases as the boot gets bigger, decreases as the boot gets smaller, in general there is more space in the X Max in most directions (height, width, length) than there is in the X3

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CEM --Thanks for the clarification - I like a snug fit, and the size difference is something to be aware of when trying them, especially as I did not have to do any boot work (punching or initial molding) with the X3.  Its easy to make a snug boot bigger, not so with making an too big boot smaller.  I'm in a 25 - although I wear a 26 in my Scarpa

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