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Hello everyone!

I am hesitant about this two skis. I had the 2012 Recoil 169 which I gave to a friend in fairly good conditions so now I need new ones.
The Recoils were great, they had the all mountain feel but still very playful for the park, did very well on groomers and quick for the trees. I couldn't be happier with these skis.

On the other hand I am thinking about the Bridges. Read really good reviews but I am not sure if 171 is gonna feel shorter than the 169 recoil since they are measured different and they have all the rocker. Not just tip and tail like the Recoil.

I am also insecure about the durability. Recoils had really nice bases. They took hits that any other skis would rip the core and a friend had major scratches on the old non-rockered Bridge.

I am 22y/o expert skier (I get around 160 days a year) 5'7'' 150 and I am looking for that all mountain ski I can take in the park.