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Update to AX3 in 170cm

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I took them into the machine made bumps yesterday at Okemo. I'm not a zipper line skier. I ski the anti-bump line.
I found these to be as easy as my G3's in these not to user friendly bumps. Yesterday was the first time they had moguls this season. I skied the edge of the moguls because it was also my first time in the moguls this season. I believe the shape of the tail on these skis are why come around nicely in the moguls. I skied the first few bumps with the piston on then stopped and turned the piston off. I think I like the piston off for skiiing bumps.
On the firmer snow you diffenetly want the piston on.

With the piston on I was able to carve turns on the scraped off icey surface on the steep under the Jackson Gore lift. You could see the the clear ice with a little snow spread over the top of it. These skis are awesome.

On the "Hero" snow on Lower Chief I could drop my hip in a GS/SG style turn and feel the ski carve trenches. Then feel the ski pop me back up when I was ready for the next turn. I have not found the upper speed limit yet. I'm waiting for a clear sunny day before I take them up to top speed. At 49y/o My eyes don't do well in flat light.
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they sound great. your first review didn't mention any powder or crud conditions. since then, have you had an opportunity to test them in any powder, or more importantly crud?
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Fortunately or unfortunately I have not skied in those conditions yet this season. Like the G3 they should be good for that.
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the reason i ask is becuase i am looking for a good hard pack(east)ski but one that also does real well on my yearly(or biannual) trip out west. with a biased towards being better out west(powder/crud). currently i'm debating the 70mm ski versus the 75-80mm one.
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Originally posted by Max Capacity:
Fortunately or unfortunately I have not skied in those conditions yet this season. Like the G3 they should be good for that.
The ski is identical to last year's G3. I skied the G3 (flat, not Motion) during the "storm of the century" at Breck last spring. I found them to be wonderful in the reasonably deep (18-24") snow. I was on 177s at 180 lbs.
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I agree, they are good in the crud. I have fun on my G3's 177cm in the spring, until it gets real soft then I use my 10 EX's 177cm. If your looking for a ski to do powder and groomed and normal conditions here in the east. You may want to go with it in the longer lenght. Just to be sure of the powder performance. By going longer you may give up some of the short radious performance. Everything is a trade off. If you need one ski to do it all.
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I just got mine ( in a 177 with a 1200 piston non-motion binding) First time out last weekend and loved them. as max said they are very quick at getting the tails around. didn't try them in a bump run yet but they excelled in the trees and i could not find a top speed for them yet. it was mostly packed pow and groomed and were quick edge to edge and stable

that's all for now i will re-post after a few more days--but so far so good!
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I took mine in the bumps again last week. It was one of the few times that I could feel the skis carve through the moguls. It was a wonderful feeling to find a ski that I could feel confident on, in man made bumps.
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