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Adjusting volume with custom liners?

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I have Lange Rx 110 boots that have started packing out a little in volume in the last two years. Otherwise they have been great for my needs. I have a 3/8" length fit in a 26.5 shell (10B shoe size) but in retrospect should probably have got a 97mm last model.

Would something like a low volume Dreamliner be effective in reducing the volume sufficiently between those last widths? For just a little more I could get some 97 width 2012 RS 110's that I probably started with in the beginning.

FWIW, I am 63 and have been skiing for 50 years but mostly only ski fast cruisers and easier blacks with my wife these days in SW Colorado.
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without seeing your feet it is a little difficult to say exactly what the best solution is


how many days have you had skiing in the boot, if over 100 then the liner is probably well packed out just through wear rather than being the wrong thing in the first place, if you have only had 20-30 days or similar then the 97mm would almost certainly have been the better bet


adding an intuition liner or other custom liners will take up a bit of volume, they will however (over time) pack out just like the stock liner although mostly they take a little longer to get compressed


one thing you could try before spending money on either liners or new boots is a simple volume reducer shim, have a chat with your boot fitter, these are normally 1.5-3mm thick shims made from either compressed cardboard (bontex) or a high density EVA foam, they are inserted in the bottom of the boot to take up just a little height/width, the net result is that they tighten the boot all over the foot area. 


good luck whatever route you take 

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Agree with CEM.  I sell the Dreamliner and although comfortable it is not a firm liner.  So if there are any problems with shell volume the Dreamliner fix will be very temporary.  Have you tried on any 98, 97 or 95mm boots?

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FWIW, I have ordered the Lange RS 110's for a great deal from a company in Canada. I tried some 97mm Langes last year and know these will be right. I'm at peace with my decision even though my wife doesn't like the blue color 8). I will be able to sell the Rx 110's locally to pay for the upgrade. I have a fitter who agrees and will make them fit right. Thanks for the insights.
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