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mogul ski

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i'm still thinking about these new skis. i ski the moguls pretty much all day, unless fresh powder cover them, will these shaped skis help me at all? A quick look tells me that mogul skis don't have the wide tip or tails - is that right. I mean who cares about carving skis, i can ski just fine in the flats without even thinking about it, and i'm just on the way to the next steep or mogul field, and i can basically ski powder just fine in my old straighties, usually i'm waiting for everyone else to catch up.

might i be better at getting a mogul ski, and if that is straight might i just as well stick with my old straighties?
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I'm sure you have checked out the brochures from the different manufactures. So you must know that all the new mogul skis have some shape. They did that for a reason. So all you have to do is demo some and find out which one you like best. You may want to expand your ability and ski some different areas of he hill such as trees. After all anyone can ski moguls, the real skiers ski moguls with trees in them. Just joking.

I don't belive many people on this site are looking for just a mogul ski. There are Rep's and shop techs here so I'm sure someone will have some input for you.

I have learned that the shape of the tail has a lot to do with how easy a shaped ski is in the moguls. I hope that makes sence.

As I have posted in my review of the Volkl AX3 that rounded tail helps the ski release the snow surface when you want it to.

Happy Bumping, better your knees then mine. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Glenn Cz, you're in the wrong forum with this but I will answer anyway. If you want the best of both worlds get a fairly narrow ski with a much wider tip than tail. The best all around ski for mostly bumps but also carving is the Rossi T Power from a couple of years ago. If you like a deader ski the Rossi Bandit. I you are young you might consider the Salomon 1080. I wouldn't stay with the horse and buggy when there are good roads.

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thanks guys! i ended up picking up a used pair of rossi bandit's on ebay with 8 minutes to go and i got into it and won, there coming! i remember guys skiing on them last year and i think i'm happier getting a pair of top quality used rather than intermediate used. done deal
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