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Peak Six progress at Breck

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The light colored spots going above tree line are where concrete footings are being installed for the new high-speed sixpack that'll serve Peak Six at Breckenridge. The lift will top out just below the ridge of the peak, where a Ski Patrol/warming hut is to be erected. The resort hopes to have Peak Six open for the December-January holidays.
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Here's a chopper carrying something I can't see at the bottom of a cable toward the open space where a warming hut will be at the top of the fixed grip access lift to the Peak Six high speed six pack. The towers for the access lift look to be in place now. This view is of the barely visible opening in the lower left of the first pix above.
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Thanks for the update.  

Any thoughts on how this will change that area? 

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What Peak Six offers is an opportunity for strong intermediates to ski some bowl (above-treeline) slopes without feeling they're taking their life in their hands, as well as some really challenging hike-to terrain for folks who like that sort of stuff. I think it'll take some pressure off the Independence chair serving Peak Seven. I THINK the hike for expert terrain will be easier than getting to the Lake Chutes, but I don't know that for certain.
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Towers are flying in today:


Here's a chopper bringing in another tower:

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