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Atomic SX9/SX:9 Wide body boot initial review ( Mondo point 27 )

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An initial review of the new wide body SX9 boot, I'll get a chance to use them at the end of December and will update the review then.

I have high volume feet with a high instep, for comparison I wear a US9 EE/2E in a Redwing 688 boot.

My feet measure 26 cm / 10" long

The following measurement are circumferences:

Ankle 28 cm / 11"
Instep 28 cm / 11" measured at 13 cm / 5"
Forefoot 26 cm / 10"

I have found the boot a very snug but comfortable fit wearing them around the house using silk liners. The toe box is HUGE while the heel is snug, given my previous experiences with boots it was a very unusual feeling. The half sizes get the same liner with a strip of plastic over the front of the toe box material so they feel closer.

I have not had a chance to heat mold the liner yet as I am unsure exactly what temperature they bake at. I have a Salomon Human Fit hose heater and I am hoping that they would work with it.

As for the details about the SX:9:

The heat moldable "Thermo Skin" liners have a padded ankle, a cut out over the instep and a stretch material toe box end.

The prewired Therm-ic footbed warmers look like they can be cannibalized as the separated easily.

The shell covers mondo point 26.5 to 27 and has a flexible footbed with pliable material over heel. The shell has a couple of molding spurs which I removed to protect the liner, it took about 3 minutes with a craft knife blade.

The cuff covers mondo point 26.0 to 27.5 and has tool free adjustment on the upper two buckles. The lower two buckles needed to be aligned ( using a hammer as the rivets are very tight ) to ensure that the bails and the catches engaged evenly resulting in a slightly diagonal position on the shell. The bails are curved and have ample clearance from the shell.

The heel and toe pieces are removable with the heel piece having pliable in inserts for traction.

Thankfully the "SX:9" and "Supercross" logos are peeling off already.

I am waiting to hear from Atomic Support as the boots where shipped without a manual or the torx screwdriver need to adjust the boot.

The following link has pictures of everything talked about here:
Atomic SX:9 pictures

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Well the boots were a great success during a visit to Heavenly, South Lake Tahoe over New Year. Warm, comfortable feet despite several days of deep snow.

Atomic Support was great, they shipped me the user manual,the cool pocket Torx bladed tool and a bunch of sticker which my children loved.

The user manual gives information about the temperatures needed for the liner so I will bake the liners and give a full report once I get back from my next trip (around Jan 26th).

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Sorry forgot to update....

Summary: I love these boots!!!

Postives: Great support, stock liner is fine...I had bought an aftermarket liner but did not have them fitted....

Negatives: The cuff strap is held to the back of the boot with some "chromed" plastic, well they snapped off...no big suprise since I use the straps to carry the boots.
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