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Will AT bindings release the same as alpine bindings set to the same DIN?

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Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I couldn't find anything. Every search I try having to do with knees and bindings ends up with about 1000 threads about how good or horrible Kneebindings are, and this is definitely not what I am asking about..


So, some background.. in 2009 I blew out my left knee playing soccer requiring a complete ACL reconstruction.. fast forward to the winter before last and I was skiing off a ridge and ran into what I assume was a buried rock.. whatever it was, it sent me flying and shattered my tibial plateau on the same leg into about 10 pieces.. everything is currently held together with a plate and a bunch of big screws.. the surgeon was amazed at how well it healed and told me I could ski again if I wanted (after not even knowing if I would be able to walk correctly again).. I didn't ski last winter, but this summer I have been mountain biking (downhilling mainly) just like "normal," although my left leg will never be back to how strong it was prior to the accident.. I now wear double knee braces when downhilling (those motocross type braces).. I also have a full left leg ACL brace that I can wear when skiing..


Anyway, my ski setup consisted of Scarpa Skookum AT boots and Fritschi Freeride Pros on my "resort" skis, and a brand new pair of Scarpa Maestrale boots and FF Pros on my BC125's for my backcountry/touring setup.. I lost one of the first skis during the accident and was never able to find it.. so I am in need of a new set of skis and bindings b/c I don't want to ski on the BC125's at a resort (they are scaled, bindings are mounted back for touring, etc.)..


The real purpose of this thread: will a combo like Marker Barons and Scarpa Skookums set to say DIN 5 release as easily and consistently as a set of alpine bindings set to the same DIN?


I really like my boots, and the Skookums are plenty stiff enough for anything I can ski (which will be limited to greens and blues at a relatively low speed for a long time).. Marker Barons (or Dukes) are used at the resorts a lot from what I gather, and I wouldn't be touring on them so I don't really care about any of their touring capabilities or problems.. the only reason for choosing them would be to have a binding that would work with my current AT boots vs. buying a new set of alpine boots..


On the other hand, if the AT setups are really not as "safe" as alpine setups (and something like Look Pivots should be "safer" from what I have read?), I might have to ditch all of the AT stuff and go with a completely new alpine setup, although I hate to do that as I have a lot of $ in the AT equipment and it was all working so well (until the accident, but I think the results would have been the same with any binding).. I have been told and have read that the Fritschis do not release as consistently as alpine bindings set to the same DIN, so I am sort of ruling those out although I still have a pair on my touring skis and never had any problems with them in terms of releasing when expected.. 


The final option is to sell all of the ski stuff and not risk going through all of the surgery/recovery again, but the desire to ski will probably outweigh that idea.. thanks for any comments or suggestions!

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The toe release will not be the same. The Vibram type sole and rockered toe will not slide laterally the same way the flat area on a DIN sole will.  The Baron will work better than a binding that doesn't have a sliding AFD. Maybe you can find a shop that will torque test the combination and help you find a DIN setting with the torque of your calculated DIN.  Maybe a backcountry oriented shop would be willing--I haven't tried. I'm not sure if the heel release would be the same--the effective BSL might be different due to the sole rocker.   

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