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Got my skis, are they too advanced for me?

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After this:




I bought last years Head Rev 80 from Peter Glenn for $400. Turns out they had a stocking error and were out of it. After them giving me a discount because of the error, I got this years model for only $425. When I got them, I saw that they were the pro version, which I assume it means they have metal in them. With a bit of research, it seems this years Rev 80 is only the pro, and the non pro is the Rev 78.


I wanted the Rev 80 over the Rev 75 because I felt the 75 had a too small radius. I wanted the 80 over the 80 pro so it's not so stiff. But now that I have the pro, and at such a great price, I feel I should keep them.


What should I know about skiing on these? My last pair were the equivalent of rental skis. How much harder is it going to ski? What do I need to do differently? Is it so bad that I should return them? These skis are advanced/expert skier, and I'm definitely only in the intermediate range.

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I do not know the particular ski that you bought.  So, I will have to stick to generalities.


Most higher end skis tend to be more responsive (i.e. they respond quicker to subtle inputs e.g. weight shift, change in edge angle, etc... from the skier), and are thus less forgiving of pilot errors; some more than others.  Higher end skis also perform better at higher speeds, will hold an edge better when carving on a hard surface, and will have more pop at the end of a turn, when pressured correctly.  

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You don't mention your level, or size, which would help. Have not skied the Pro 80 but my sense from reviews and other Heads I've owned is that it should be fine. In general, Heads are damp, smooth, and tend to be pretty easy going at lower speeds. If you kick up the pace as you improve, you'll discover they'll actually feel a bit firmer. Which is a good thing, actually.  Also the Pro 80 is at a lower price point, and less demanding, than the Supershape Titan, for example. Or the REV 85. You got a great price. If you're at least intermediate, and average size, you should enjoy it, and you won't outgrow it in a season, like some skis. 

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Thanks guys, sounds like I should be fine. My level is intermediate, around 5 or 6. Male, 5'7", 130lbs. The Rev 80 Pro I got are in 163 length which end up on my forehead. Without any shoes or boots.

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I think you'll be fine with those. I've owned a multitude of Head skis, Supershape Magnums, Titans, Monster 74, 78, Peak 78's, 84's, etc., and all of them had a very forgiving forgiving nature, while still maintaining high performance. You'll have plenty of room to grow into them.

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You'll be fine, the 80 pro is not really stiff despite the metal layer and quite well behaved no matter if you want to slide or carve. I think the 163 have a pretty small sidecut that's almost slalom ski like, so you may find it turns a bit quicker than you are used to.
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I own some Rev 80 Pros and find them to be a fun front side ski. I get great edge hold and they can flat out dig trenches at speed. They are damp and comfortable to ride. I am a bit bigger than you at 6'2" and 215 or so.

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From what I heard, the  80 pro has only one sheet of metal; so it should be nice for someone your weight...

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Coincidentally, I am in the same boat you are and recently posted an oddly similar thread. You may consider going through my post in the link below as, like this thread, there are several helpful responses.



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