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'03-'04 Fischer RC4 Worldcup SC

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Ski Make: Fischer
Ski Model: '03-'04 RC4 Worldcup SC
Ski Length: 160cm
Snow Conditions Used In: groomers, packed powder, crud, powder
Number of Days Used: 1
Your Ability: Level 8
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 20+
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 25-50
Other Skis You Like: Salomon X-Scream Series, Volkl G3, K2 Axis X, Volkl P50 Platinum
Your Height/Weight:5'10", 160 lbs

Comments: WHOA... orgasmic. This ski could very well be the best ski ever made for those who like race carvers that tolerate a few minor errors.

first day of the season, first day on these skis...

skied groomers 2/3 the day, with edge hits of crud and packed powder, also skied some crud runs that had powder pockets. snow was dry.

this ski can make any size turn, and is stable for me at 40-45mph. pressure load/locale determines turn radius. equally adept at short SL burst turns and big swooping GS turns, as well as everything in between.

fairly demanding, requires centered stance, and will throw you if you get too far off-balance... however, not as demanding as a full-on race carver.

tracks EXTREMELY well through all snow conditions, holds its edge firmly, and will snake and seek out the terrain if you ride it correctly... excellent at tracking down back sides of rises and irregularities, very smooth yet highly powerful and probably an 8/10 on rebound energy... but still, best on packed, groomed snow

defintely a contender for occasional crud/pow forays, but not the best tool available for someone who skis lots of that stuff. RX8 probably the better tool, or one of the Big Stix if the person skis at least 35-40% untracked or broken snow.

I was grinning all day.

I would recommend this ski without reservation to anyone looking for something that fits what I've described above. Absolutely fun, incredibly adept, snappy yet damp... how did they do this?

I can't wait to ski my new Fischer FX8.6 Big Stix!

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Great review. I'm on my fourth pair. It is a very, very fun ski.

I used to ski 80% on the WC SC and 20% on the RX8 in a 10cm longer length. I will have to admit I have flip flopped the percentages and can't decide which ski is more fun.
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OK, gonz, I've gotta get back on another pair after that review! I do love my RX8s, too, and can't wait to see how they handle real pow!
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I agree with your assessment- it's just a great ski. In fact, if I hadn't already gotten SL9s before I skied the WC SC, I would have gone that way instead. Unfortunately, my local Fischer retailer doesn't usually carry slalom carvers other than the SL9 and eBay was kinda lean (and pricey) on them, so I didn't try them until a Fischer race camp. I was very impressed. Again, a great ski.

If Atomic changes their bindings next season as has been rumored, I might stay with them. Otherwise, I'm switching to Fischer.
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I was whining to the Atomic rep at Whistler about their bindings and he confirmed to me that they are going to be new next year.

Love their skis, but their bindings suck! (my definition of suck for binders = heavy, lots of prereleasing, very finicky of snow on base of boot, but mainly the prereleasing. I'm 5'9", 155 and ski on soli's at din 9 and never come out. Popped out twice this weekend at Whistler on groomers?!?!?)
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I read somewhere Atomics could work better if you increase the forward pressure. I adjust the heel so the tension screw is recessed a couple mm instead of flush and I have never prereleased. Works for me at least.
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I've never had a problem with pre-release with Atomic bindings. I'm more worried about them not coming off. The lack of an AFD on their race models and the small tolerance for snow on the boot soles makes me a little wary. Hopefully these issues will be cleared up next season. Like I said, they've worked for me so far and they have some nice features, but they aren't inspiring confidence in me.
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just another update, day 2 on the skis... today had 2"+ of new snow, somewhat wet/heavy/sticky but not slow. rode some pure crud and pure pow, the pow was almost negligible at 4-5" depth but anyway, my review stands and should be updated to say that these little wonderstix ripped it up everywhere today, including some crud-covered bumps.
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What will really surprise you is how well they do in deep snow. The 123 mm tip provides a surprising amount of float. I have never been on the ski in extremely deep snow, however, the ski does well in a foot or two.

It is sad to note a big snowfall in Colorado these days is about four inches!
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I can imagine that to be true, RG... the pure pow areas I skied yesterday had enough depth where I could sense the ski's float capacity, and I was very surprised. I'm still getting to know them, so I wasn't ready to go into the pow stashes where I often find more than 12".

the good thing is that I got some time in with Yoda yesterday, and he helped me fix a little hip tweak I'd developed in my left turn... in the process, I made some seriously fun crossunder turn series and felt that sweet little forward scoot as the skis crossed the fall line... I know I'm gonna love these skis.
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Now if you want to add more fun to your skiing add an RX8 or the new RX9 to your quiver in a 10 or 15 cm longer length.

I have an RX8 in a 170 along with the WC SC in a 160. The SC has a 10 meter turn radius and the RX a 14 meter turn radius.
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already have the 180cm Big Stix FX8.6 and a 173cm Black Diamond Havoc!
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