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Stockli stormrider 95 , 100 2014

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i'm a tele skier and i'm taking a serious look on the new stormrider 95 and 100 models. i already use a pair of lotus 138 for big pow days and a pair of katana as my main off piste skis; i would like to find a substitute for my 2008 dynastar legend pro rider, i'll use them again but i need a more efficient all mountain ski to use on groomers, icy condition and sometimes off piste where there's no need to use a ski over 100mm.


Probably the stormrider 95 could be more interesting then the 100 model for my pour pose, does anyone have any experience on them?


Are they a powerfull and finesse skis or just an expensive playful tools? 


Are there better option for a ski in that category? (i also saw the blizzard bonafide and brahma models but don't know exactly how they ski; i know there's a great volkl mantra in this category but i don't want another volkl model, not because i don't like them but i already have a katana and i think that themantra cuold be similar in a small package . . .)


thanks a lot

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I've been considering the 2014 SR 95 for a free-heel mount as well.  Based on all the early reviews (none were free-heel, of course) it sounds like it's what your looking for, although I'm not sure there's such a  thing as a ski that's both powerful and finesse ...ful.  I'd put the SR 95 firmly in the powerful category i.e. will NOT turn on a dime without considerable effort. I've retreated a bit from acquiring the SRs for this very reason - too old hard charging in anything other than well groomed conditions, in which case there are far better tools.  I'm leaning more towards the Kastle FXs now. As for the other skis you mentioned (Blizz, Mantra), can't say - haven't been on recent models.

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what are the differences between a ski like the stormrider 95 and a blizzard bonafide??

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I agree with Paul... the FX 94 would be a fine teley ski.

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i take a look around web for more information about these ski; both seems to be really good ski from groomers/hardpack to free ride/crust exc . . .


anyone can tell me the difference between these 2 models? i'm seriously interested in buying one of the stormrider 95 and kastle fx94.


1 question about the fx94: i'm a 30years old tele guy and skiing tele since 2003 (178cm x 80kg) wich lenght i need??? the kastle are in 176 and 186 length . . .

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Where are you skiing?
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Italy, mont blanc valley i' ll use them for everything from hardback groomers to soft snow, but i already own 2 different pair of ski for powder

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in fact they will sostitute my old dynastar legend pro rider 186 07/08version

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Originally Posted by Mdoublet View Post

in fact they will sostitute my old dynastar legend pro rider 186 07/08version


^^^ If you liked those for teley'ing, Then go the 186 FX, especially if you're in NTN's.

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I agree - 186, unless you anticipate more time on-piste/groomers then off-piste, then the 176s might be better. I'm going with the 176s, but I'm only 70 kgs and have creaky bones.

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If I am not mistaken, your ProRiders are the old ProRider- burly stiff damp ski.  Your description sounds like a spec sheet for something in the 88mm range,  more exactlly a Kastle MX88.  I don't know how a ski like that would do for a tele, but for alpine bindings it's probably the best in its class. Brahma seems to get good buzz, but I have not been on it.  I love the Bonafides, but they will be too versatile.  Nordica has the Steadfast, which could also be a good choice if I remember correctly.  I have not been on the Stormrider 95, but I have been on the 107- if 95 is a similar feel, it will be fantastic on groomers, 107 literally felt like a 90mm ski.    BTW, Mantra skis nothing like Katana. The 88mm Volkl is Kendo, also gets really good reviews.  

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Alex, the beauty of the FX for teley is the even flex and stiff without being burly if you like a smooth, damp'ish ride for a strong 185-190 lb skier. I prefer the FX94 over the MX88 off piste (who knows? Maybe the coming MX98 would be perfect), so in the end, it all depends where you spend your time.

(I have not skied any of the Kastles mounted with teley gear, but in testing skis, you find a handful that you know would work well.. Both the FX 94 and 104 felt that way.... Others MMV... A lot.)
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My legend pro rider are the old pro rider, 97mm waist 29m raius (or something like that) 186cm without rocker or early rise; they are off course an old school freeride ski burly stiff and demanding. I found my 184 Katana far more easy to ski, the dyna feels great for high speed and off-piste use (not powder) but sometimes they feels too long.


i will stay with one between the kastle fx94 and the stormrider 95 cause i want to stay in tha 95 range ski, for my pourpose this is the smallest waist i need for skiing hardbacks/groomers/couloir. what i'm looking for is a ski that feels safe at high speed in any condition and an easiest skithan my pro rider.


Does the FX94 ski shorter because of early rise in the tip? or 186 feels too long for most situation, for short turn radius and tight/difficult place?


Stormrider seems to be great choice too but what are the main differences between these 2 models ? (are the kastle stiffer or softer in the flex??) . . .i don't have money for buying both:)

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Originally Posted by markojp View Post


^^^ If you liked those for teley'ing, Then go the 186 FX, especially if you're in NTN's.


i'm not a fan of NTN:)

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after much deliberation i got beguiled by the bling factor and too few (but favourable) reviews. I bought some stormrider 100s and mounted them with 22 design axls. i am about 80kg/177cm and ended up with the 182s. compared to my atomic kailas 174s (no rocker) the running length is a little shorter, but despite that they look like more ski than i have been used to in the past.

unfortunately the oz season was so pitiful that i didn't want to take them out last month, so i am awaiting a trip to hokkaido in january. i will definitely keep you posted when i finally get on them.



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pulled the trigger yesterday on the new stormrider 95 in 183cm and a pair of salomon sth2.  can't wait

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me too, next week i'll take my hands on a pair of stormrider 95 183 cm!

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I took the 2014 95s out on saturday at Okemo in far from ideal conditions. I had my older XLs out in the morning and took the 95s out in the afternoon. Even in the ice and skied off hard stuff they powered through everything and felt awesome. I'm not sure I'll be using my XLs that much anymore.
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Where did things end up with the Stockli Storm Rider 100 as a Tele ski? I am looking for a ~ 100mm Tele ski for my trip to Copper - my east coast Tele ski isa a Kastle MX88 with NTN Freeride bindings and Scarpa XT Comp boots. Thinking about the StormRider 100 with NTN Freerides - any feedback on the skis or other recommendations?
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Wait for the Nordica nrgy 100. The Kastle. FX's would make great pinning planks as well.
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Got a pair of 2014 SR 95s with NTN Freedoms (may regret that) that have been sitting untouched since November due to lack of snow .... hoping that's about to change.

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i got the 182cm after a lot of deliberation (i am 177cm x 180lb) and overall think that was the right decision. mounted on the line with axls.

i used them for a week in rusutsu, hokkaido. the conditions were light to moderate powder most days, say boot to knee high and deeper in the trees at times. 

one day we skinned for several laps in denser wind packed powder.

overall very happy. the skis are light, robust top sheet, nice even moderate flex. very modest tip early rise and only a little camber.

on groomers (still fresh) they responded well to positive drive. the harder i pushed the better they turned. they really railed. i had no ice to really test their edge grip. in bumps i found them a bit much, possibly due to length, but this is not my preferred terrain; i found myself alpine turning rather than tele'ing. in deep soft snow i was happy with their float; no tip dive noticed at all. my mate on rocker 2s made the deeper stuff look easy; the SR still has a tail and wants you to bend it into a turn rather than slash and ask forgiveness.

in "variable" snow (still pretty nice; this is japan...) the skis felt stable and quiet.

i think these will suit me 90% of the time. in bumps or tight trees i might have gone a bit shorter, in deep powder perhaps something fatter or a bit more rockered for bouncy new school fun. i'm coming across to snowbird first week of march for a wilderness medicine conference. if utah gets a lot of snow i might look for some line opus's or similar to complement these. otherwise they are a great go to ski.

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