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Two Fischer GS Skis

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Ski Make: Fischer
Ski Model: RC4 WC RC
Ski Length: 175cm
Snow Conditions Used In: Groomed Ice/Hardpack
Number of Days Used: 1 so far
Your Ability: Expert/Racer - 9+
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 10
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 60 or so
Other Skis You Like: Salomon LAB GS, Elan SLX Race T, Salomon Xscream Series
Your Height/Weight: 5'7" 155lbs

This ski is an interesting ride. It has the shape of a slalom ski, but skis like a GS ski. It is very stiff and requires a lot of input in the turns, as well as fairly polished technique in order to keep the tips from hooking up too much. The edgehold was good, but not the best i have ever been on. They had an odd feeling on ice though, by comparison to other GS skis and other skis in general that i have been on. You could feel every aspect of the terrain that you were going over. They were still smooth, but not as damp feeling as i had expected. The GS turns that i was able to make on them were TIGHT. If you are racing courses that use a regular GS-type set iw oudlnt reccommend this ski. While it was fairly stable in longer turns, i think that the power you would put into the ski in a race course would end up turning you way too much. As a recreational GS ski, this one is at the top as far as performance in stability, edgehold, and rebound go. If you arent bending the ski in the turn though... it feels very unstable - like turning a slalom ski at GS speeds. It is a very fun ski if your technique and strength are ready for it.

One things to note: be mindful during the transition as the tip is so big and so far away from you when compared to a slalom ski, they tend to hook rather violently if you dont maintain edge pressure. In other words, don't close your stance during your transition, or they will hook out from under you before you enter the next turn.

Ski Make: Fischer
Ski Model: RC4 WC GS (race stock)
Ski Length: 178cm
Snow Conditions Used In: Groomed hardpack/packed powder
Number of Days Used: 1
Your Ability: Expert/Racer - 9+
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 10
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 60
Other Skis You Like: see above
Your Height/Weight: 5'7" 155lbs
This is a great ski. Simply put, it does everything well. the only areas that it seems to really excel above other GS skis that i have been on is in the turn radius that it will make. The skis likes to turn tight radius GS turns. Not as tight as its retail stablemate, but it is at home in a tighter arc. I didnt get the chance to ski this ski in the course, but i imagine that it would be very easy to ski in a course. Again, like its stablemate, it likes to be piloted, but not pushed. I found that it did not perform as well when i really pushed the ski. Rather it liked to roll in and out of turns. Narrowing your stance in transition is punnishment on this ski.

I found that it was not as stable, or damp as my Salomon LAB GS, and it did not seem to have the edgehold that the LAB ski does. The Fischer did in fact have excellent edgehold. I never had trouble sliding out of a turnbecause of lack of edgehold, but it felt as if it was closer to the point where it was going to break lose than my Salomon's do at the same speeds. If you ski alot of tight, slower GS courses - this is your ski. When i say slower i still mean that the ski has to hit at least 30mph before its going to turn, and be comfortable to turn. It was very stable, but not the most stable GS board i have ever been on. It was able to make faily quick GS turns, and its edge to edge quickness was very good.

Overall, it is a great ski. I can see where it would have limits in certain areas, but not many other skis can carry as many positive attributes as this one does. If you use proper technique and like to go fast - but not mach 4, this could be a good race ski for you. I wouldnt chose it as a free ski though. If you race at a relatively high level - ie. Masters, USSA, College, FIS... i would try this ski. If you are just racing recreational "beer league" races this is not your ski, unless you are on some very fast courses - look at the ski above for a good modified GS ski.

If i was going to fault the race stock model in any area, it would be in its apparent power. It didnt ski like a really powerful ski. It didnt like to be pushed at all. I felt that if i had it in a course, i would be very comfortable, but i couldnt really power through my turns, so i think that if i could maintian that same comfort level on a more powerful, that the more powerful ski would be faster. The only way to tell this is to do time trails with a bunch of different skis in the same courses. For a turny GS course, this might be THE ski of choice though.


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Interesting comments on the WorldCup RC. I tried the same ski at Whistler this Summer and found it much like you did- probably one of the most demanding race carvers on the market. I picked up a pair last year, but haven't mounted them yet (waiting for conditions to stabilize a little). They are going to replace my Atomic 9.20s for Masters and intramural racing, where the sets can be a little more close than in USSA races. We'll see how that turns out...
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Thanks very much for your review of the Fischer RC4 WC RC. Like Alaska Mike, I haven't tried my 175cm Fischer RC4 WC RC's out yet but hope to next week. They were a popular ski last season at the recreational racing level. With their rather short turning radius I can understand why they would not be expected to do as well in more demanding GS courses.
Thanks again.

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