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fuel tank will not fillup

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I'm looking for a little information so I can talk knowledgably to my local dealer's shop.

I have a 2007 Chrysler Pacific that will not accept gas at anything faster than the slowest notch on the gas pump handle. At 3/4 full it starts to slow more and will not fill past 7/8ths. Another problem is the gas guage works normally until slightly below half a tank and then drops directly to empty. What could happen to a gas tank or gas guage to cause this problem?

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I had an issue similar to this in a wrangler. It's probably the float. Instead of fixing it, we went by mileage on the odometer.
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There is a breather tube in the fuel fill area of most vehicles.  If it is kinked or blocked filling becomes an issue.  Imagine pouring gas from a can without a breather hole open, very slow; same thing reversed.

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google chrysler pacifica forum and you'll find places to ask owners.

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Possible two separate problems. Blocked gas filler air vent might be the cause of the fuel up problem.


A malfunctioning float in the gas tank is the likely fuel gauge problem. I had this problem in an older Celica and the Toyota service dept. guy said it would be expensive to repair because it involves quite a bit of labour to remove the gas tank and get at the float.


I passed on the repair and went with watching the odometer as L&AirC suggested.

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