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Thoughts On Line Blends

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Hey guys,


thinking about getting a nice pair of skis this year. I'm five nine (and a bit more) 170, (athletic). Advanced skier.


I ski exclusively here in CO, have the Super Pass Plus so I'm usually at Copper, Mary Jane and a Week or so at Steamboat. I ski powder whenever it's there, and I love trees too. Past season was a bit tough on snow, had some fun bombing down groomers too. Don't like moguls- never have. I still ski them, but not that important for me. I also do park, most of my buddies do too. So kind of all around stuff. Off piste more than on.


Right now I am on some 2009 K2 extremes, they're fun and have been good skis. With my Jester Schizo bindings they're pretty versatile. A Lot of fun in the park and on groomers, good in the trees too. They are kind of narrow (85mm I think?) so in the deep stuff not the greatest. They're "old" and don't have rocker.


I got my dad some 2012 line Prophet 98s- he loves them. We have the same boot size too so I've tried them out, and they are really good most places. Perfect for him really.


I ski way more than him and have the option to ski his as well as mine when we aren't skiing together.


I have saved up and want to put some money into a pair that's a bit better suited to what I do, and new haha.


As the title states I'm thinking about the Line blends. They seem perfect for me.

100mm waist with rocker and early rise, so they should be good for the deep stuff and off pist. Still narrow enough to be all arounders, and twin tip with the connotation that they work well in the park. Light weight (about the same if not lighter than my extremes, even though they are 15mm wider) which I like a lot. I enjoy skiing in a "playful manner." I like to charge down sometimes too, but not always.


I'd pair them with my jester schizos or possibly a set of griffon shizos to save some weight- after using them I'm 100% sold- lets a ski really be a 1 ski quiver. And for switching from park to backcountry a must...


I'd probably get the 2013 in 178cm. As far as I can tell they are pretty identical to the 2014s. I like the 2014 graphics better but for $200+ more not worth it.


So yeah. Just want to see what you guys think, and personal reviews. How's the durability? Strengths, weaknesses...


I know that in turns of adding something to my quiver they aren't a ton different than the prophets- more they kind of combine the extremes and the prophets strengths I think. And on my average day they should accel at what I do. When I want to do purely park or a lot of groomers I'll still be able to use the k2s, and later on for spring/rock skiing.  My only other thought is that a wider ski would round out my lineup a bit more. But then they would be mainly a back country and powder ski, no park, kind of limited. A 100 waist should be just fine in 98% of powder runs. If it ever dumps a few feet or something I'll demo so fattys.


Thanks for reading- I know it's kind of ranty and I've more or less answered a lot of my questions. I'm bored though, winter can't come fast enough. I'll be looking at Sniagrab/SkiRex (doubtful they'll be there) next week for them or something similar. If not I'll wait a bit longer and see if I can get an additional sale on the 2013 blends.

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I was on Line Blends for several years (2009 model pre-rocker, same dimensions). I'm 5ft 9 in and 166 lbs and was on 178 cm skis and sound like the exact same skier you are. They are an absolutely fantastic one-quiver colorado ski and do everything at least very well. You have really thought out how you will use them well and I don't think you will be disappointed in them. I didn't have the early rise in them, but I still think they will be great for you. Look into the past few years models if they are available to save money. You binding choice sounds spot on as well. They are plenty durable where it counts. I have decided to give mine to my brother since they are now so beat from skiing off-piste in the midatlantic and I found some used volkl bridges for silly cheap.

Good luck!
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I was reading around a bit more, seems like they are pretty flexible- which I think will compliment my quiver more than I thought. People said they might not be the best for high speed and large jumps, but the Extremes are stiff and just have camber-so when I want to do a day on mostly groomers and jumps( larger ones) they should do well (they are fun to blast down the hill on) and on days when I'm off piste and messing around in the park and rails the blends should be great. Plus the flex should help in the powder too.

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I was likening the line blends too, but they are too short for my size (6,3" 235). I have a armada ak jj's for the deep days but I'd like a ski thats not crazy fat, but fat enough to float a bit, but still be able to hit the park like you said and be playfull, the JJ’s feel like allot of ski to throw around.

I've been checking out the armada tst’s since last year in a 192. If they made a 190ish blend I'd be all over them.
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