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All Mountain vs FreeStyle Boots

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Took advantage of preseason sales and also advice to go to the store to buy a new pair of boots. The forum suggests that the best boot is the boot that fits YOU well. Stay away from online offers..


I had a very good store employee who suggested the boots for my level of skiing and foot size. He suggested  a pair of Dalbellos kr Rampage. I have a narrow foot. I consider myself an all mountain skier. Not a racer or park. I love to play  with the bumps, glades and carving too.


The boots feel very well. I like the fit, the buckle system and easy entry.  When I came home I checked some positive reviews on them although I noticed that  they are categorized as 'free style' boots and not 'all mountain'.


Would free style boots perform better, worse than all mountain or it just doesn't make that much difference ?



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The Rampage is a moderately soft boot but with the option to change tongues for stiffness. 

Quite often you'll see bump skiers or park skiers with the Krypton series but there are also many who ski in a Krypton all over the mountain. 


What liner is in this boot?  There are a couple options, including the ID (wrap intuition) and the standard liner.  

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I'm not sure. I think it is the standard liner. Where can I tell the type of liner ?

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Does it look like the liner in this boot? 

Or does it look like this liner? 





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the liner in the boot. the first picture

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The wrap liner comes in different stiffness' while the standard liner is.......well, standard. 




The biggest difference you'll find is that a freestyle boot is designed for impact and often have a soft boot board.  An all mountain boot is usually more responsive for arc to arc type skiing. 

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You can also replace the original power strap with a Booster strap and gain a bit of extra stiffness, along with increased control.  I put Booster straps on my Dalbello Krypton Cross ID boots and the difference was significant.  The Intuition wrap liner definitely adds some stiffness as well as comfort and warmth.  You also get a very precise fit that you'll never achieve with the standard liner.  See if the shop as the ID version of the Rampage or the Cross.  The Cross is also a 98mm boot and is considered an all mountain boot, which as TC noted just means a difference in boot board.  

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Before doing any upgrade would be great to tell us your weight and skiing style... Moreover, I can say that I do not know your ski boot, but I have Dalbello Krypton 2 Pro, and  I use the stiff flex tongue in limited cases, when I use speed/charging skis. Frequently I use them with the medium flex tongue, which is equivalent to a 100-110 flex, and the anti-shock footboards. From what I see on their site, the Rampage is close to this setup, and might work as well for you. Another detail: your boot has, like mine, adjustable flex. Is about locking the cuff and the sole together. Somewhere, you'll find some plastic parts to be mounted inside the boot, between the cuff and sole. Is a little help for the stiffening of the entire boot. Good luck!

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