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Originally Posted by lateskier2012 View Post

Definitely a length issue. I found the 88XTI in a 178 to be ridiculously agile and maneuverable. I never got them off piste, but they were on rails on piste. Agree that they are a bit heavy.

I have the 82's... they are heavy... but solid.


They are really stable at high speeds when digging in on those turns, you can really feel them want to kick it into gear...

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Originally Posted by markojp View Post

Of course... it's not my choice for a daily ski. Then again, my choice for a daily ski wouldn't be what I'd chose for NY either. I don't really dig the RTM 84, but I've seen it skied very well in conditions it's 'not designed for'. I'd say it's the Indian thing.

I have to agree with markojp. I ski the the vwerks 84 at Crystal in almost all conditions and like it. And I am an older guy.
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Fie !! on NorthAmerican ski mags.

I searched the net for days for a ski-review of a 2010 Elan GSX Race because I found a deal on-line and after reading this site, me bud and I scored a pair each... $ 234 SHIPPED. W/ BINDINGS. NEW. 


Sure it is in Polish; but before you freak... Copy the link and open with Google translate and enjoy.  There are lots of links and some trials are needed.Sometimes click the obvious and sometimes the brand logo. 


Real Reviews by Real skiers. 

2013-14:  " Among the testers were double world champion Mario Matt, vice world champion Hannes Reichelt,  Austrian Philipp Schörghofer,  Josef Strobl,  Christof Innerhoffer, Dominique Gisin,  Romed Bauman 

2011 had Victoria Rebensburg, and another tough old guy Marc Giradelli.  The most in depth site I have seen with brief ski-movies of some.  Lizzie Goergle is in there too. And Hans Knauss; the ex-downhill-now-camera guy at Wengen and Kitz.


Before you try to make a point about me buying a 4 year old ski:

I think it will be in the ball park to the recent  crop of skis that I have tried. I am amazed by how good REAL skis from the last five years have been. These new skis are just 5-10 % Better than a few years ago. Rocker be damned, BTW.  

Atomic Redster, Blizzard G-Force FS, Fischer RC Pro and Progressor, Nordica Spitfire Pro and GSR... etc. 

I must also add that at $1300-1500 per pair, I can't afford them because I ski 140 days a year .  
 ( Hah ! Volkl Werks are on sale here for $999.  I can't wait to test those puppies !) 
How much more edge-hold and damping does a Civilian skier need ? And who needs a 27 or 35 meter ski for Free-Runs without a Piste Inspection ? 50 mph is easy and quiet and then you think 50mph around civilians under rollers...  
It is 'nice' to find a ski site that actually speaks real content and even has real opinions.
Unfortunately this is not the case for the usual ski discussions in North America.
Even in Canada, where some of us speak 'The King's English';  the once readable "SkiCanadaMagazine" has only pictures and advertising… and lasts 'bout as long as a smoke on the crapper. 
ps:( Great reviews, here, also ( I think, another Polish site ) = Skimag.com I also think they are gone about 2010. So the reviews are old but at least you can read about the 2009 Rossi SL... " wants to throw you in the backseat and Burn you." 
pps: this has stretched out for so long I might start a thread...
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As a PSA for those wanting a pair of the Elan 88 xti's.  A great price here with bindings and mounting included. http://www.aspenskiandboard.com/Elan-Amphibio-88-XTi-Ski-Package-2013-P34801.aspx?gclid=CPye17_wsbkCFYZ_QgodORoAZw

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