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2013 USA Pro Challenge

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Here are some pics from the the stage Thursday from Steamboat to Beaver Creek and our ride home.  There was a brutal climb up to Bachelor Gulch above Beaver Creek before they decended back down to Avon in pouring rain then back up to the finish in Beaver Creek.  That climb destroyed the field and they were seriously suffering at the top.


Top of the Bachelor Gulch climb near Beaver Creek

That's Beaver Creek in the background looking through the KOM top at Bachelor Gulch


Leaders near the top of the Bachelor Gulch climb in the rain

The leaders at the top of the climb. Tejay, TommyD and Acevedo. 


Some serious suffering and misery in pouring rain climbing Bachelor Gulch

Some serious suffering in pouring rain.  They all looked incredibly miserable between the brutal climb and the rain.


Getting bikes ready for tomorrow in Vail's Ford Park

Heading back home the sun came out!   We checked out the mechanics in Vail's Ford Park getting the bikes ready for the next day.


Vail Pass Bike Path

Almost back to Copper on my favorite bike path anywhere.  More rain, but not too bad.


Vail Pass

Amazing sunset looking back toward Vail from the top of Vail Pass.


Top of Vail Pass

The sky was on fire.  My cellphone camera doesn't do it justice.   Shortly after that the sky opened up on the decent down to Copper in a cloud and darkness.  Thank goodness for good lights and rain gear!


I'm not sure if I'll post about my experience today at the Vail Pass time trial as I'm a bit shook up about it.

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Oops.  Can one of the fine moderators please merge the two threads I created on this same subject.  I shouldn't be posting after drinking.  Thanks!

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Glad you got to see that. What happened at the Tt?
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Originally Posted by habacomike View Post

Glad you got to see that. What happened at the Tt?


I ended up helping a critically injured man who crashed on his bike.  He overshot a corner/bridge on the bike path and crashed into the creek just below the finish line.  I ran up the hill to the finish to get help then assisted in extracting him from the creek and carrying him on a backboard to an ambulance up above the finish line.   He was totally unresponsive at first in the creek, then eventually came to and could say his name, but he didn't know where he was and had no feeling in his lower extremities from what I saw.  He was in pretty bad shape.


My thoughts and prayers go out to this gentleman and his family.  If anyone knows his status I'd love to hear how he is doing.

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Update on the critically injured man I helped extract from the creek on Vail Pass...  I just saw the A-basin Enduro is a benefit for him this year.  Great news is he survived.  Sad news is he's now a paraplegic.


I just saw this on Al's blog:



The gentleman's name is Trevor Giles.  Here's his story from the Summit Daily:



And the info on the A-basin Enduro benefiting Trevor where he was a part-time instructor:



It's great to see A-basin and the Summit County community helping him and his family.   I wish I was in shape to do the Enduro.  I'm going to try to get up to A-basin April 16th to see Trevor again under better circumstances. 

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