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Ever find yourself on the right ski, just on the wrong run?

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To paraphrase Dr. John...


I been on the right ski

But it must have been the wrong run.



Granted I am not condoning blaming the gear for other shortcomings but there are times when you can just end up on the right ski on the wrong run. One time in particular came up from my sorted ski memories databank...


It started so innocently...


and ended...or continued...


The right ski..a pair of 1974 The Ski w/ Tyrolia 350's. The Wrong Trail..Goat @ Stowe at one of my APRIL FOOLS events a few years back. I was skiing The Ski for fun and a few photo shots on that nice spring day when I was coaxed to take Goat. 35 year old skis and bindings...oh did I mention bindings with safety straps, down one of the narrowest bumpiest and steepest trails in the east? What could possibly go wrong? Yeah. THATS what could go wrong, about 6 turns in, the old bindings decided that they didn't want me in them but they did still have an "attachment" to me thanks to the safety straps. so during my tumble down Goat passing a few other skiers along the way including "Epic", I got smacked around by the skis that were still attached reminding me why ski brakes were invented. So you might ask, when are these relics from 1974, "the Right Ski"? Nice groomers where they can be skied like Stein and enjoying the view.


Trip Report Thread.


So, what are your sorted memories of being on The right ski..on the wrong run?

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The right ski: Nordica Dobermann GSR 122-70-105

The wrong run: Enchanted Forest at Copper-- Dense trees with a foot of fresh and no base.

The result: not pretty. nonono2.gif Thankfully no known photographic evidence exists.


I can't stay away when they drop the rope. A more competent skier could have pulled it off, I'm sure.

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Happened to me a lot back in the day.  Of course that might have been due to my choice of one ski quiver.redface.gif

The right ski: Kästle National Team SG.

The wrong runs:  Powder Face at Mt. Washington BC.  Expo at Tremblant, or come to think of it, just about any real bump run, 

and for a completely different reason, any run on any sub 500 ft hill in the east.

No speared moguls, no bent skis, no injuries, a few falls though, Sorry no pics.

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Slalom skis on a pow day (atomic SL12s) when much had been groomed. I say no more than DiveDiveDive :(

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Sadly Phil, of all the great skis I have been on, that run of yours to start the thread, would have been the wrong one for me. But I keep tryingwink.gif

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When I win the lottery, I'm hiring a ski caddy. Do they make golf bags big enough to carry skis?

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Its not the ski but the skier so its always the right run biggrin.gif


To quote a famous little guy Yoda...Don't try...Do!


If you're good it doesn't matter what you get but what you do!


Ski on.

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If u ain't falling ur not trying
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Sounds more like wrong ski, right run to me.  First October WROD run on my very first brand new pair of skis.  They were hart Gremlins and they were at least 15 cm too big for me, but that was what the store had on clearance at the end of the previous season.  Was struggling a little bit with them, crossed the tips and went over the bars about half way down.  Safety strap eek.gif "nun chucked" the ski around and WHACKED me in the back of the head as I was tumbling.  Then, as I came to a stop the strap had slipped off my boot and I watched the ski (brand new, not even a whole run on it yet) take off down the rest of the hill hopmad.gif about the same time I noticed the blood dripping from the back of my head, lots of blood. 


I gathered my remaining yard sale items and limped down on one too big ski also holding glove full of snow against my bleeding skull.  After about five minutes wandering around the base looking for the lost ski I started to cry.  A liftie asked what was wring and I explained that I had lost my brand new ski.  He got on the radio and formed a posse of employees and patrol.  They eventually found the ski after about 30 minutes or so.  Seemed like hours hahaha!  I was able to get a couple more runs in before my mom came to pick me up.  It was a school night. 


Yeo, right rum (October first tracks), wrong ski.. too big with even the safety straps too big for my boot size.  My skiing improved quite a bit that season.  But, I went down 10 cms the next season and skied much better on those.

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^ was that recently? smile.gif
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Originally Posted by mowmow View Post

^ was that recently? smile.gif

No, it was like 1977, back when a late October WROD wasn't all that uncommon.

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1964 went to a Christmas race camp at Telemark WI. (now gone but was pretty big time in that era); coached by Andrel Molitar and Eric Sailor (sp?), 2 long time Austrian team racers.  Pretty much a slalom camp on a run they groomed liberally with a fire hose to ice up.  Took my only pair of good skis.  Gorgeous pair of metal laminated Kastle 210 downhills.  


The coaches laughed.  I learned to ski ice.

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This thread brings a big smile to my face as I was with Phil, KevinF, MDF and Epic on that run. Truth be told, any ski is the wrong ski for me on Goat, that trail just owns me. I remember getting passed by little kids with their parents, then, a slew of women on telemark skis, while I was just trying to figure out my next turn. It's hard to believe that trip was in 08, now 6 seasons past.


That day was my first Epic Ski event. I've told Phil that meeting him and skiing with Epic community changed my life for the better. I've done 3 Gatherings since, with numbers 4 & 5 to come this year.

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