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This years Chubb

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Has anyone spent any time on this years Volant Chubb? If so, fill me in on what you thought of it. I liked the previous Chubb but am leaning toward getting some Pocket Rockets.
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I got to demo the new Chubbs at Loveland a few weeks ago. Owning a pair of 5 year old Chubbs to compare them with, I was very impressed.

They "feel" just like the old ones as far as the damp ride and the ease of turning. The 2 big changes I noticed are they are a bit lighter weight (still heavy, though), and they carve MUCH better on the hardpack.

They look cool, too. I'll be watching to upgrade this spring when the prices drop a bit. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Thanx Skicrazy, I saw a pair at Garts in Silverthorn while we were out there in October. They were quite expensive I thought. The salesman there said they were priced way too high and it must be a mistake. Anyhow, he wouldn't deal until the proper pricing came through. Guess I will demo some when I'm there next month. Hey, my Wife and I have the four mountain pass. We'll be in Steamboat the 8th till the 12th but we'll be out again in Feb for 10 days. We got to get together this time ok? Vail would be fun. Feb 14th through the 24th, then again in April from the 8th till the 19th.
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Mrs. Skicrazy & I were bummed that we missed you last year. Send me a PM with the details of your visit. Remember, Vail is close, but Steamboat is less than 2 hrs from my home!
Our best days are Sundays and Mondays, but anything can be aranged with some notice.

See you soon!
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One more comment..I was in Garts in Silverthorne this Sunday doing a bit of shopping...this years Chubbs were marked $569. A new pair of 2001's (Colorado made) were marked $369. When the new ones hit the low 300's, they're MINE.
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