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General impressions:  Improved over prior years, reasonable categories, skis chosen are generally good quality and consistently well regarded elsewhere (plus, and more important, the reviews generally matched my own impressions after demoing!).  I'm glad they've started to include raw test data (very helpful if you are looking for a ski with a particular strength/weakness).  Aside from a few quibbles (i.e., Salomon Enduros are quite stiff and far from quick/great choices in bumps) and a failure in the boot reviews to clearly articulate differences among tested boots, I thought they did a pretty good job.


Also, before complaining that your favorite ski wasn't reviewed, or that a given ski was tested in the wrong category, remember that the skis tested are submitted by the manufacturers.  The mag tests the skis in the categories chosen by the manufacturers themselves.  The ones reviewed scored highest. (Hey, wait a minute...where's Scott's "The Ski"!!)


Two months until Loveland and A-Basin open!