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A summer's morning ski testing.

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A summer morning testing ski mountaineering touring skis - these are very lightweight and are supposed to be transport rather than fun. The idea in yesterday mornings test was to try them when conventional wisdom says walking on crampons is better and faster. 

The first part I have to walk due to the conditions 


There is a fresh hole in the middle of the ridge 


Skis on and the conditions and best bed described as awful 


After a short stint on foot to check it was actually slower to walk it's back to more awful skiing 


Uphill and they work surprisingly well just going straight along the normal track - wall to wall skins and skinny skis do grip rather well. 
At this point I'm very glad I'm on skis not foot, any reduction in how much force I put on the ground is helpful when crossing such doggy snow bridges 


When I finally make it up to Punta Helbronner, there is no problem with the skis, or the test - they are faster, quite a lot faster up and down than walking on crampons. It's the tourists, they are out literally a mile form the lift station in trainers and t shirts, even walking the dog. They completely ignore warnings form me and various mountain guides that we are out on a glacier full of Crevasses. Note to my left there is a guide teaching Crevasse rescue 


A bigger stiffer plank would make the skiing easier but would be slower and more cumbersome uphill. 

A little video of the morning 


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Its always good to see your adventures. 

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Nice report, thanks.

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Thanks Tom as your report got me well out of my visual routine.  Fun.  


My big excitement this morning was testing a patch on my road tube.  It held btw  wink.gif

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