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Icelantic Nomad RKR

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Does anyone have experience with the Icelantic Nomad RKR in powder? It is advertised as "all-mountain", but given its width and rocker I am considering using it as my New England powder ski. I've never used it, but it looks like it would do the trick. Do they have enough float to get above the deep drifts? I am thinking about the days with 1-2 feet of fresh where it blows into drifts that are thigh deep.


I have other skis for hardpack (Kastle MX 78) and mixed snow (Ross E88), these would be for those days with more than a few inches of fresh. Whatever I get it needs to be able to handle up to two feet of powder. Depending on how they handle I may ditch my Nordica Enforcers.

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I demoed them at Snowbasin last year during several days of no new snow.  I'm sure they would do well in any amount of powder that exceeds maybe 6-7".  I have a pair of Shamans and really wanted to like the Nomad RKR, but I couldn't wait to get off them.  I suspect that had more to do with the conditions than the ski.  IIRC, they're 105mm underfoot so they'll have plenty of float, more than my Nordica Steadfasts which I've used several times in 18-20" of powder.  Two days after trying the Nomads at Snowbasin I spent a day at Big Sky and skied the Atomic Ritual, 103mm underfoot, rocker tip and tail, a bit of camber.  The Ritual was great in the trees and the powder we could find and about 100x better than the Nomad on firmer stuff.  I'm buying a pair for this season.  I would definitely advise looking at some other skis in that category and try to demo if at all possible.

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You've hit on a real problem for me: finding wide skis to demo on days when I would use them.


For mid-fats or under to use of groomer or mixed snow days there are plenty of options. Unfortunately most shops in New England do not carry demo skis over 100mm waist. The market is just too small to justify the expense. That leaves me in the position of crossing my fingers and hoping that the limited on-mountain demo days from manufacturers happen to be powder days.


Thanks for the tips on the Nomad. I suspected that was the answer. I am finding surprisingly little feedback on them, which is rarely a good sign.

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I demoed these in Steamboat during a fairly good powder weekend last year. I liked them. The rocker was a lot of fun and made what felt like a big ski in your hand actually pretty maneuverable on your feet. The front shovels seemed huge and gobbled up anything. Stable and solid at speed. I felt like Nomad RKR's really rewarded good form. You do everything right, and you'll have a big smile on your face. But if you get in the backseat, it was very difficult to recover, perhaps due to a combination of the rocker and overall weight of the skis. I used them for tele'ing so maybe that had something to do with it. I decided not to get them because I need more of a one-ski quiver that can handle moguls better. But for a powder weekend in Steamboat, I'm glad I had them.
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