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after getting a sweet deal on airfare last month BUF to SLC about $325, I was looking for our march trip to aspen.  Hopefully the fare will drop or I won't be going this year.  I can't believe the prices were about $800 pp.   Last year I paid $562 pp.



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They typically load a bunch of winter ASE flights into the system right after labor day.  But fares have gone up since Frontier left the market.

I'm flying United direct ORD-ASE next Thursday for Labor day and the flight was $560.  Then again three weeks later, same flight $420.



Southwest into DEN and renting a car is always an option if you have a few people.  Last year MDW-DEN could be as low as $140/rt.  But right now there's nothing less than $230.

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I'm in a pickle with a trip I need to take this coming December for my parents 50th wedding anniversary. 

Of course, they didn't think about kids having to travel during the holiday when they decided to get married on December 21st back in 1963.

Ticket prices are making my head spin. 

If any one knows of a deal coming, I'd be happy to hear about. 

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TC, Southwest has fares from $69 one way atm. It's a sale on for another week iirc.

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Southwest has sales every other week and the current one is only fair.  The best sale of the year for most airlines is typically at the end of the summer travel season, right after Labor Day.

The nice thing about SWA, if your itinerary goes on sale after you've booked, just rebook and bank the credit.

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