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JHMR - Snowmobile Tour ?

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Not sure where to put this post so figured start here..........  Any suggestions for a snowmobile tour in the Jackson area....


We are spending a week in late January and want to spend a day off mountain for some recovery time .... biggrin.gif


Thanks Guys 




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If you don't get a reply soon, you may want to send a PM to tetonpwdrjunkie or Skiing-in-Jackson

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I might have the spelling wrong but we always go the Togowotee Pass area, about 30 miles northeast of Jackson to snowmobile for a break day from Jackson Hole skiing.  There is a rental facility there, with really nice snowmobiles and gear, and an enormous, beautiful area to snowmobile in.  They may have guided tours as well, although we've never done one of those.

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Depends on what you want. Personally, I think the snowmobile trip of a lifetime is to do the tour of Yellowstone National Park from Flagg Ranch, about 50 miles north of Jackson (not much further than Togwotee Pass). Because of park restrictions, you won't get to ride big fast powerful snow machine or ride virgin snow, but what you will get is unforgettable -- seeing Americas first national park in winter. It is spectacular and few people have the opportunity to see this incredible natural feature in winter. I strongly recommend making a couple of days of it and staying a night or two at the Old Faithful Snow Lodge.

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Done several of the tours.

Yellowstone is spectacular but is just a drive along snow covered roads, though you may have to go reasonably quickly. The tour to the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone gives a real sense of wilderness but it is along day on the sled been on that one twice. The trip to Old Faithful is a bit shorter but still good, driving through the bison is great fun!

We did the Gros Ventre when the snow was a bit light but its a nice area and you get to see some wild life, then finished with a play around on the frozen lake.

We did the Continental Divide tour last year two sleds with 2 up and a guide to ourselves and we had a great time, interesting trails, some technical bits, some play in the powder bits and some wildlife too, spectacular views, plus a great lunch at the lodge. Definitely the most fun trip but if you haven't seen Yellowstone you should.

Tough choice.

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Thanks Guys - As we have never seen Yellowstone we are going to get a private guide and make the best of it......  


Thanks again for all the help...



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The number of winter visitor passes to Yellowstone is severely restricted these days.  You should plan well in advance if you're going.  As mentioned, you are restricted to certain areas and the speed limit is way too low for me.


Check out the Granite Falls Hot Spring tour down along the Hoback River.

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I sent a PM to the OP about specifics.


There are several snowmobiling options available in the Greater Yellowstone area.  


In YNP there are two main trips, Old Faithful and Canyon.  Both are good.  You get to see the National Park and some great scenery, wildlife, and geothermal features.  The downside is that the trips can be long, the "roads" are bumpy, and the speed limit is low and rigidly enforced.  There is no off trail riding.  You can also get into the park  on a snow-coach.  It is possible to book rooms and spend the night at Old Faithful. Most of the park roads are closed to auto traffic in the winter.  The exception is the Northern road that runs from Mammoth through the Lamar Valley up to Cooke City.  There is a lot of wildlife in the Lamar Valley and wolf sightings are pretty common in the winter.


Other options for snowmobiling in the area include Togwottee Pass, The Gros Ventre, Granite Hot Springs, and the Greys River area.  Each of these has it's advantages.  


For flat out fun riding a snowmobile you can't do better than Togwotte Pass.  There are miles and miles of trails and powder fields.  You can get a high performance sled and go as fast as you want wherever you want.  It's GAME ON.  If it's clear you will see some great Teton Views.


The Gros Ventre is a huge area that eventually hooks up with Togwotee Pass.  There is a lot of wildlife back there and great views.  I don't believe that the terrain is as much fun for sledding as Togowtee.


Granite Hot Springs is very pretty.  It is a smaller area with some decent off trail riding options.  Generally you ride up to the Hot Springs, soak, have a great lunch and ride back.  It would be an easier day for a family than most of the other options.


Greys River is a huge area with a lot of rowdy off trail riding once you get back into it.  It can be very dangerous for avalanches, but a guide should keep you safe.  Togwotee also has some serious avalanche potential, but IMO the Greys has more.  If you were interested in using sleds for ski access the Greys is the place to go.


I hope this is helpful.

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Nice description, Tetonpwdrjunkie.

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