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Line prophet 90 or 98s

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I am looking at getting another pair of Lines either prophet 90 or 98 , have 105 influence for powder days, but want another ski for days on groomers and on piste. I am advanced skier 183cm, 220lbs tend to be an aggressive skier. Any thoughts would be appreciated
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Not because I can credibly answer this, but because someone else will inevitably ask. Where abouts are you skiing?

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for groomers & on piste get the 90 186cm, like nikoras asked, depending where you are considering the P85 might be an option as well. although I haven't skied the 85 so can't comment much.
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Not keen on the 85 don't want something that narrow because will still take these skis off trail sometimes so feel they wouldn't cope so well. I ski at ski field called Turoa it is located in the central north island of NZ. We get some powder days, especially this year have had great times laying down some fresh tracks, get a lot of days with hard in morning then softening up in the afternoon.Then days that you just have to stay on the groomers because it is giant ice block.
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