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Skip the relatives. Unless they'll give you free on slope lodging

Combining Breck and Snowbird on a one week trip, not too sensible.  You'll chew up a lot of time in transit.  And what if it's like 2 years ago and you want to be at Whistler?

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I'm in a similar boat.  I always take my birthday week off to ski (Dec 13th) and used to book in advance.  Now I wait until after thanksgiving.  You can usually still get some sweet early season lodging deals even a week or two before your trip.  Last year, my only real options that week were Mammoth and Whistler.  Literally almost no snow in all of colorado, utah and northern california.  I went whistler and it was awesome.  Basically nobody there, rarely shared a lift.  About 90% open with about 8" new snow while I was there.  Had a blast.  The year before (the snowless winter of 2011-2012) we stayed in Park City and basically got skunked.  Skied PCMR, Deer Valley, Alta and Solitude.  All about 50% open with cruddy snowcover.  Did get about 6" fresh the last day and had a blast at Deer Valley, but not exactly ideal.  That's when I decided to book late.  I usually use miles for airfare on this trip, as the last minute fares can get pricey.  Anyway, good luck.  I'll be combing the ski reports over turkey and pumpkin pie.


You were born a month too soon. If it was me, I'd get some fake ID and start my ski week birthday holiday in late Jan. or Feb.

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My birthday is Dec. 4.  I've only skied 3 of them in 35 years of skiing, 2 at Mammoth and one at Big Bear, all when I knew there was snow.  Beartown wisely learned that does not change the equation to wait until after Thanksgiving to make an early December ski call.

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So happy mine is later in the month. Except it means I've got to wait another year to qualify for the Senior Pass. :'(
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well thanks for the advice guys.  I'm pretty itchy on the trigger finger, so I booked the 3rd week of december at snowbird.  hopefully that was good advice to wait to as late as possible. is the tram usually open by then?

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