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Sidewall question

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I noticed that a few top models by Salomon (Q-series), Atomic and K2 (and probably some other manufacturers as well) don't have a full length sidewall. 


My question: what are the effects of this in feel, edge grip, flex etc.? I imagine that a wood core (as opposed to a non-wood core) makes a hell of lot more difference in feel, stability and edge hold than (not) having a full length sidewall.


Does anyone know?

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As you alluded to, there are many things that go into how a ski 'feels' and cap vs. sidewall is one of those elements. At a very basic level. if everything else were equal, a cap ski will feel a little less rigid torsionally which smooths turn entrance and exit, they also store and release energy better so the ski will feel 'poppier' and more lively. They are almost always lighter in weight also. A vertical sidewall ski can have different materials as the sidewall so that effects things, but the traditional phenolic material is very stiff (and brittle) which transfers pressure to the skis edge incredibly well and provides great edge grip. Sidewall skis often feel damper and smoother. The idea of combining a cap at tip and tail with sidewalls underfoot is to try to blend the best of both styles, smooth turn initiation and less hooky and playful feeling (combines well with rocker) and good grip underfoot.

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Like my Rossignol EXP 83 have this:


"Central Dualtec combines sandwich and cap construction. Sandwich construction in the center of the ski for effective grip, cap construction at tip and tail for easier turn initiation. This technology delivers a very fluid and comfortable ride. Grip, Ease, Durability."

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Seems to work as intended on my Sidestashes 

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