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Thanks a lot . I'm resident in Norway so I better try locally first.
380 including bindings is a great price, at least compared to the shops here. Might be worth it.
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I enquired Atomic on the subject:

hello, I had the pleasure of testing the R11 alpine skis early this year and
I loved them. I would like to buy them but cant find them in your product
range. I was wondering what kind of model you replaced the R11 with and
how that mode differs from the R11.




Hi Rune,

The R11 was replaced this season with the M11. The M11 is a whole new ski. It is a cruiser, like the R11, but because of it's really wide sidecut it will float and cut through crude and powder with alot more ease. In addition, it will make bery tight truns, which the R11 could not do. We designed the metron series(M series)skis as a do all ski.

Thank you for you inquiry.



Still I'm a bit confused it being just as good on piste. I mean, It's wider.
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I picked up some from Cupolos on ebay. They look like real beauties, just like my skied-to-death Dynamic's (Atomics) with a little stiffer tail. I saw a lot of them at our local ski swap this week too, more than they could sell. There are a lot of them out there and well worth hunting down. Those Dynamics have been my best ski ever and will see many more days in their new alpine touring bindings.

A foot of new on Bachelor!

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I recently picked up a pair on ebay with the 412 binding for $330. I ski in Vermont about 50/50 on/off piste. I used my buddy's pair several times last year and found them to be quite versatile. I tend to like a fast, dynamic ski and this certainly fills the bill. You can go as fast as you want. In the crud and in the trees it works really well for a ski with a 70mm waiste. Some say you can't make short turns on these but I didn't have much trouble with that. If you like speed and are an aggressive skier this is a great all mountain choice.
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rune, If you can't find a pair, may be I could talk my son into selling his R11's there 170cm have a lot of day' on them but he is light and has the skis airborn every chance he gets. So in the 90 or so day's on them there is quit a bit of time in the air so they may not really have 90 day's on them. The longest flight I've witness is about 80 feet. So you can see there is realy not a lot of time on these slightly used skis.

They are awesome skis. If you can't find them I know the owners of Competitive Edge. I could talk to them and I'm sure they would be able to help you out. I live about 6 miles from one of there store's. Let me know if I can help.
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