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How a Bear Goes Shopping.

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Not sure if this is a Barking Bear, but I like the creativity. 


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Smarter than the average bear. 

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Was that Yogi?

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Definitely a trained bear but so much fun to watch!  Was the 2nd dumpster the same one that they brought back in for a re-shoot?  I will say that bear is better at steering than I am.  I would have had to take 2 cuts to get that first dumpster out of it's parking space.

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I was in Colorado Springs 3 weeks ago so I went by the scene of the crime- a nice looking German restaurant.

They put boards full of nails sticking up on the lids LOL (look like bunge stakes from Vietnam)

Kind of overkill !!  . Using a heavy motorcycle chain would have worked.


A neighbor across the street said the same bear turned over his trash cans.


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I still say it's a trained bear and a set up.  Watch the video again.  The 2nd dumpster magically appears in  spot where no dumpster was in the first half of the video.  Someone move it there.

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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post

Smarter than the average bear. 


Do you mean smarter than the average 4-legged bear...or the average barking bear???

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absolutely a trained bear but so much fun to watch! LOL



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