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This release has now pushed and is live. This should be completely edited down to get rid of all the updates and bug fixes that are only on the back end. 



Count of subscribed threads with new content appears on the Threads tab

Ticket #13540


In the July 16th release, we added a new header count to indicate the number of subscribed threads with unread replies in them.  This mirrors the unread content shown on the Threads tab of the subscriptions page.


However, the subscriptions tab is sticky so it will return you to whichever tab you looked at last, causing some confusion for users, not understanding which tab the count relates to.  


To help clarify, we're adding the same number to the Threads tab of the subscription page:





Mark forums and threads as read from the Subscriptions page on desktop and mobile

Ticket #13547 and 13548


From the Forums and Threads tabs on the Subscriptions page in desktop, you'll now be able to mark those areas as read.


When on the Threads tab, you'll see a link at the top of the page to "Mark Subscribed Threads Read".  





On the Forums tab, you'll see a similar link at the top of the page to "Mark Subscribed Forums Read".  Please note that if you use this, it will mark ALL content within those forums as read, including threads with specific thread subscriptions.





On the mobile site, you'll also be able to mark forums and threads as read from your Subscriptions page.  There will now be a local actions menu for the subscriptions page which will include these actions and behave in the same way as described above:








Related threads on product pages will now display more popular threads

Ticket #13397


On product pages, we show related threads pulled in based on what's been tagged with the product tag or with the parent category tag.  Though the related content has always been related, until now, we haven't taken into account the number of posts or the number of views a thread has gotten to weight which threads show up.  


In this release, we've added in these two factors to bubble up more popular threads, rather than simply the most recent.




Bugs and minor enhancements:

  • #13498 - You can now mark forums read from the New Posts page (for all forums).
  • #13575 - Hitting 'esc' on your keyboard will now only close the top dialog and not all dialogs.
  • #13581 - Search results for reviews now show the individual reviewer's star rating, not that of the product overall.
  • #13642 - "Created by user" byline of article type page now shows correct username, rather than that of the last editor.
  • #13586 - When "Don't Ask Me" is set for subscription preferences, the pop-up asking what level of subscription notifications you'd like will no longer appear.
  • #13596 - Going to a URL for an article that does not exist will no longer result in a fatal error on mobile.
  • #13609 - Users will be able to download attachments when previously in some cases, they would see a popup stating "AJAX response unable to be parsed as valid JSON object".
  • #13572 - For logged in users, there has always been both a "Post a Reply" button and a "Start a New Thread" button at the top and bottom of a thread page.  We're adding the "Post a Reply" button for logged out users in this release.
  • #13410 - Product categories displayed during the category selection in the Add An Item flow now reflect the same order as they are set in the admin panel.
  • #13675 - Page numbers for threads longer than 1 page will now appear with the title tag on thread pages for improved SEO.