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Hey everyone, I have been thinking about gear a little bit, and I was wondering what your thoughts are on choosing a snowboard boot, especially related to stiffness.


I have been using the DC Judge for the past 3 seasons. They fit my feet and ankles perfectly (which is the main reason I use them). I am pretty sold on the dual boa system. Maybe traditional laced boots have got better since my last pair, but I hated how they would always loosen up throughout the day. I really like how the liner harness is integrated into the shell. For me this is a must have feature for a boot to reduce heel slop. My only possible gripe is the boot is a bit on the stiff side... Long story short I had a pair nicely broken in and one of the boas malfunctioned. DC sent me a brand new pair of boots which softened up last season maybe 42 days on them. I am excited to start the season with a broken in boot again. As the Judge is on the stiffer side of things I feel like they limit how much I can flex my ankle joints (I am a lighter guy ~145). Dont get me wrong the stiffer boot is very responsive which I like. I also realize bindings play into how much you can flex your ankles, and I guess I have always gone by the philosphy that a stiffer binding paired with a softer board allows you to manipulate the deck better.


One of my goals this season is to get a little lower in my riding. I am not that flexible to begin with, so I am hoping to get back into Yoga to loosen things up (not just the ankle joints). I also want to get back into instructing part time and do a couple AASI clinics, as I took last season off.


Why do you prefer riding a stiffer boot? Why do you prefer riding a softer boot? Does anyone also want to get lower in their riding this season? What goals do you have for the season?