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I bought a set of Dalbello Avanti V8s late last year. I did this based on some articles I read that stated that they were excellent performance, "high" volume boots, designed for comfort and adjustability.

I liked that they weren't as expensive as other high end boots and I also liked that they had the "moldable heat the foam" fit thing and electric heat option battery pacs as an option.

I have a high arch and my right foot is significantly larger than the left, about a quarter size. I have had pain problems in the past with boots and have seldom had a pair thay fit me ideally. I am a 53 year old male and weigh about 190 and have strong trechnique but ski more for enjoyment now am not an aggressive skier.

So, anyway I bought the Dalbellos last year and didn't do the heat thing until this year. WOW, are they great! They are very supportive and still have excellent flex. I don't feel like they are tight at all, and feel no need to loosen them when I stop skiing and go in the lodge. They are VERY comfotable and also provide excellent fit and support.

Add to that, that the little Thermic batteries and heated foot pads really work and I am am very pleased with my Dalbellos.

They are also that cool looking translucent blue with orange buckles and they have an easy entrance/exit thing going on too. I'm very happy with them.

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