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Fischer RC4 WC SC vs Fischer RC4 WC SL?

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Hi I've been doing quite a bit of research on these skis, but I just can't quite figure it out. I am a high school racer I would consider myself an andvanced skier and I am looking for some new slalom skis. So far I've narrowed my search to these two skis, The Fischer RC4 WC SL and the Fischer RC4 WC SC (and atomic redster d2) but I can't quite find a difference. The RC4 WC SL is an FIS ski, what does this mean, I know this is the International ski.... but does this change the technical aspects of the Ski? Also I can find a RC4 WC SC with bindings for 600 but the SL model is 800 without bindings. What is the reason for this price gap?Is the SL ski better than the SC? My friends on the team have the SL model and they are an amazing ski, I have never tried the SC and doubt i will get a chance to demo them before our season stars this winter. I've watched countless reviews on the RC4 WC Sl and they all say "ITS amazing!!" but i've only been able to find one  review on the RC4 WC SC where arepresentative describes the ski as a "Fake race ski" (Comeing from a Fischer Rep thats a bit of a turn off) Please someone explain, and shed some light on this with your personal opinions and experiences. And anyone try the Atomic Redster D2? Should I pay more?


****8Edit: I also saw a Slalom WC SC Pro What is the difference?

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Functionally, the SL is a little stiffer than the SC, meaning you will need speed and hard snow to get it to really bend into a tight turn. 


I own an older SCs (13 m radius at 165 cm long - without the hole) and have weighed between 180 and 150 lbs while using them.  As it is, the SC is a little too stiff for bumps and tight turns at slow speeds. 


I don't think it's worth the price difference, which seems to be driven by demand; I've seen SLs on sale for less than SCs.  On the other hand if your courses are set up to be fast tight slaloms, then the SL will likely give you the advantage, and how much you are willing to pay is up to you.


If the Atomics run true to form, the difference between the skis will be in feel.  The Atomics will feel rock solid, and the Fischers will feel more responsive, but I've always been able to get the same level of performance from either pair.  It just took a little longer to have confidence in the Fischers for me, coming off a much more heavy damp ski and going to the more lively feeling Fischers.


The SCs are also more forgiving at slight tipping angles than the SL skis, but still grip tenaciously if you get them on edge, and they will handle speed just fine.

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I love my older SC's like Ghost.

I demoed back to back with Blizzard SLR's and found the SC's more to my liking.

For a tight, icy course I might take the SLR's if I weighed more than 180.

At 165 pounds the SC's work well for me.

They are fake race skis for fake racers.

If you can squat a gazillion pounds like a real USST racer you probably want something else.

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   I've skied the Fischer WC SL for many years and last season switched to the WC SC, much prefer the SC. I am a Fischer hill rep at my area and have been on Fischers  since '89. If you are a competitive USSA racer I guess the WC SL would be the way to go but for HS or Masters I think the SC is a better choice. The SC requires less effort to bend in an arc, it has great ice hold and as an added benefit it works reasonably well for GS on shorter courses[ not sure where you live]. WC SL or GS skis won't make you a faster racer if you don't have the speed and size to bend them, they'll just make you a ramjacker.

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