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Volkl AX3 vs. Supersport 5 star

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I am wondering if anyone can give me some advice on these two skis for 04. Background: i am around 205lbs, spend time about 50/50 on groomed runs/trees and bumps. the majority of my time is spent in the northeast with a possible trip or two out west. after reading a lot of reviews i think i may get the non-motion version with a marker 1300 glide control bind.

any info and opinions is greatly appreciated!!
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Ou of those two, get the AX3. I personally am a fan of motion, and an even bigger fan of piston.
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"DO yourself a favor" get the AX3 IMO it is a better all mountain ski. I have mine flat with the 1300 piston binding. Like you I ski the whole mountain.

I see your from NH, will you be going to Ken Jones ski market? I have a friend who works there. PM me and I'll send you his name.
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AX3 again. Buying mine in the next month.
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Hi Ski-nh,....skied both, and both are excellent ski's but if i had to make a choice i would agree with Max and go with the AX3 definately.I ski a G3 with the piston binding in a 177 and it deals with pretty much anything and everything At 205lb's you could probably go a bit longer.
Am i alone in preferring the look of the G3 to the AX3? There are still deals out there on last years G3'S that could save you a pretty penny!!!!Anyway, retro's cool, right?
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Your not alone in liking the color of the G3. I have friends who like it. Personally I liked the G30, G31 graphics better. But then I also like my yellow helmet, along with my yellow parka. I will be on my AX3 this Sunday with my yellow helmet and red with yellow trim Spyder.

I also have a yellow car. Do you see a pattern here.
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As always: you should demo both skis and decide for yourself which one you prefer.

I've just demo-ed both and for me the Supersport 5 star is a better ski than the AX3. They do very well any turn shape (AX3 prefers medium radius turns), have excellent edge hold (AX3 has this too), float quite well in deeper snow (AX3 is not quite that good) and are really fun skis to ski on.

If it really matters, my favorite design in the Vertigo line is last year's.

My 2 cents' eugen
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I demo-ed both last year and liked the t50 much better than the G3. I'm not sure why people say that the G3/AX3 is a more versatile ski. I think the t50 handled powder and crud better than the G3 due to a wider tip and there is not that much of a difference in the waist. I think the t50 was much better in high speed carving. I would have purchased a pair last year but could not find one so I purchased a pair of the t50 4 star's. That is also a great ski and actually works better in the bumps that the 5 star. I have the the non motion piston 1400 comp on the skis.Just my 2 cents. I purchased a pair of Atomic SL9's in a 160 and a pair of Head im75 chips this year so I think that I am all set for all conditions. I've skied the SL9's twice this year so far and am loving them. Talk about a carving machine....
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Max Capacity is a Vortex'er, which means his car must be Imola Yellow
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Maybe it's just me, but I can't seem to get very excited about the AX3. A buddy of mine has a pair of the original Vertigo Motions/G3's, and was looking to upgrade to a new pair, so being a solid Volkl person, he rented a pair of the new AX3's. After skiing them for a good part of the morning, he asked me to take a couple of runs on them so I could give him my opinion. I didn't want to discourage him from buying them, as I felt he had already made up his mind in advance, but I just couldn't find much good to say about them. They were not very stable, the tips just seemed to bounce all over the place, they seemed to transmit a lot of vibration from the ski back into your legs, just not a very fun ski to be on. When I told him my honest opinion, to my surprise he said that his opinion was very similar to mine, and that he was very dissappointed with them, and certainly was glad he tried them before putting his money down. Now the pair he rented was a 170, which might have been a little short for a 200 pounder like me, But I wasn't skiing very fast or aggressively on them. Or could have been a tune issue, although the guy at the shop said they were brand new never been on snow before, so I doubt tune was the problem. I know they are a popular ski with a lot of people, but I sure can't see it. If I had to ski on those every day, it might be enough to make me take up snowboarding.
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My question is whether to go with a piston binding or a motion binding. I have already decided that the supersport 5 is the ski for me. My Volkl dealer strongly suggests that I take the 5's with the motion binding as they consider the piston binding overkill for the 5's. What do you think??
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