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ABS backpacks in Australia, Hong Kong

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I'll be departing for an Australia ski trip soon. I'm flying through Hong Kong on Finnair and Qantas. And then flying domestic flights in Australia on Qantas. Should I expect my ABS backpack to go through OK in security checkpoints and on to the planes? Does anyone have experience flying around with an ABS pack either in Australia or in particular Hong Kong.


FWIW Qantas web says it should be OK, but I don't know if this applies to them domestically only.



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You could ask over on www.australianfrequentfliers.com.au or ski.com.au.


Regarding Qantas Domestic, they tend to put you on their low cost airline Jetstar which has has those ruthless last minute charges at the checkin gate for things the 'customer servic rep" (boy is that a misnomer) isn't used to seeing. Check out Jetstar's baggage rules just in case, and print them off in case you need to show the checkin clerk.

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Thanks. I also contacted the dangerous goods department at Qantas, and they promptly replied, sending me a letter that says I'm authorized to carry this equipment. I'm taking the equipment and letter with me, will report back when I know how it worked!

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Can I ask you where you will be using your ABS whilst here in OZ? Because if you haven't checked out the ski reports this year you will not likely be needing you ABS?


If you are flying on to NZ maybe you will use it?


But here in Oz there are very few places you will actually need it and it is very season dependant. And so far this season, I would say that you will likely not need it.


History: I only know of 3 partial burials in the last few years in Oz? Both at MtH and 3 years ago on a day where we had @ 45-50cms overnight and all of those where all totally avoidable if you used good snow pack analysis and safe terrain travel selection on a day that was a once in 10 in year day! I do have to say also that of those 2 where from people ducking the ski patrol ropes and skiing places that they shouldn't have or should have known better. (One of those was a quite experienced skier with qualifications in ski guiding from Canada, and they should have known better and done some simple testing, very quick shear tests were showing plenty of action until after lunch time. After lunch everything was very stable.) The other incident which did not invlove ducking a rope was unlucky but should have known better again terrain selection is crucial.


If you are planning skiing on the south face of Mt Feathertop, particularly Avalanche Gully or Hellfire Gully or a few of the other places on the Main Range that are steep enough to avalanche then I would hope you are well versed in doing snowpack analysis and making good decisions about safe travel in avalanche terrain and conditions, if not err on the side of caution. But the most likely scenario you will face this season is slipping on icey faces and sliding into trees at the bottom of the valley, no joke, ski cautiously as this is generally more commonly the way that you will seriously injure yourself here in OZ this season. And in the above mentioned places ski in the sun, not the shade.


Finally enjoy your skiing here in Oz. If its a good snow year and you do get your days right, we do have some amazing snow and terrain, if only you were here last year, or 2010 or 2009 or 2008. We had some pretty amazing skiing those years, on the right days, anywhere between 30-50cm of light and fluffy snow, that most of the international instructors equated to the best they ski OS! And we are a very friendly bunch! 


Namaste N

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