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Zardoz ski wax?

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Has anyone heard of this stuff or used it with any success? It LOOKS like an easy product to use but is it any good?
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There was at least one thread on this in the last couple of years. Use the search function.

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I posted a thread about this a week or two back, and the answer is, YES, this stuff is great. Like Zardoz says, it works great on top of wax or instead of wax- making an expensive wax last a bit longer or totally skipping the wax altogether and having a great compromise between the cheapskate approach (no wax) and the more advanced approach (do it yourself or shop wax). It really shines at slower speeds, like when you've just launched out of the gate in a race or when you're in the park. The only downside is is that it doesnt protect your bases as well as a hot wax would, but it is better than nothing. It's also extremely easy to apply- wipe it on and ski.

P.S. Don't buy wipe-on flouro waxes. They seem like they're the best of both worlds, but they're only useful for 1-3 runs, and must be applied to very clean bases to give the desired effects. altogether a waste of money.
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YES, YES, YES! And they have individually wrapped wipes available in some ski shops which makes it very convenient to carry in a coat pocket. It is easy to use and it works well.
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I used it last year and I think it burns the bases faster than just hot waxing.

It definately makes them slick and fast but at what expense?

I think cold waxing a ski with a cork is better than Zardoz for base protection.
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Zardoz is great as a top-coat (search archives on Felix process).

It doesn't, however, do very well at all in super-dry conditions, and relying on just Zardoz to protect from base burn is folly. It lasts about one run on miniskis.

Another trouble with it is that you will need the specific base cleaner, especially if you Felix on top of a super-durable wax, say CH02, if you haven't skied most of it off or if you want to change temperature ranges.

Think of it as Cera-F except cheaper (it is also a vacuum pump oil- look up Krytox and Fomblin- Zardoz is the same thing in 1500-2500 molecular weights) and with an extra oxy atom.

Speaking of pocket packs, Hertel has an edge-wipe rustblocker in single-sachet napkin form, for those of you who _must_ put their skis back in bags apres ski.

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US Patent 5,624,713 to Paul Ramer actually mentions that molecular weights up to 15,000 may be useful. Well, looking at DuPont's (they make Zardoz) Krytox and how it's marketed, I thought that I could get something out of Finish Line's Krytech line of bicycle products.

I did the Felix process with both the spray Finish Line Krytech and the drip (chain lube) Krytech. Both, you will note, are quite cheaper than a Zardoz puck.

Well, that didn't work out too well-

The spray Krytech was marginally quicker, but both were just nightmarishly grabby as the day warmed up. It wasn't until after sundown that both got fast, not significantly faster than the straight base wax.

Turns out, DuPont blends the PFPE (one of which is marketed as ZARDOZ) with paraffin solids for relatively high molecular weight applications. Who knows what was in that goop.

I have not tried the vacuum pump oils directly (PFPE liquids of approx 1.8g/ml density), mostly because I now have other sources and waxes, but also, as I read it, I'd be infringing the terms of the patent.
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Did you try Slick50? : It's supposed to be good at high temperatures

Seriously, I use Zardoz with a little (very little) heat from the waxing iron (not nearly as high as for normal waxing, though): the heat makes it bond better with the base and then it lasts a little longer.

What's Felix process, BTW?
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Too good: it ruins the HyVitronics for Ullr's fire.

Originally posted by AlexG:
Did you try Slick50? : It's supposed to be good at high temperatures
PFPEs are used in the food industry, too, as release agents for all sorts of molds, nontoxic valve lube, etc. Just you wait until the rooster tail from my twintips smells like M&Ms!


What's Felix process, BTW?
Here you go.
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I've found Zardoz to work beautifully on warm slushy snow. It's great for the race course when conditions are right. Like any flouro wax, it needs water. In cold dry snow I think it acts like glue. It works as good or better then any high dollar flouro waxes (in warm, wet conditions). It is actually a flourinated oil. Wipe it on over your regular wax. I never had any luck getting it to bond with any wax during hot waxing. Its supposedly liquid teflon (Krytox) so I'm not surprised it doesn't want to mix. If you've ever heard of liquid speed, its basically the same product (Krytox) in grease form. I tried liquid speed, did not like it, too sticky.
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comprex - I am with you! But isn't peanut butter sticky?

Anyways, thanks for the link! BTW, a year ago I was surprised to hear that Skittles could be used as cold wax - so I guess M&M's are next! I always thought they used soaps in those candies... :
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Felix process:
  1. clean base
  2. hot wax several times with soft base wax
  3. add notwax
  4. hotwax with low temp hot wax untill small puddles with notwax shine through
  5. scrape, brush, polish
  6. top coat with notwax 
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  20 degrees and up with moderate to extreme water content- great product that makes spring skiing a joy, also keeps dirt and crap from accumulating on the bottoms in warm conditions. Below 20 and/or dry snow- not really what you want on the bottom of your skis. Skis MUST still be hot waxed to have the performance and long life that they're capable of. Tried Felix process and couldn't get it to work, don't really know what this would add to a hard cold temp wax like CH02. Also will not really give you much protection from base burn/wear etc. except in the minorest short term sense. In the right conditions it has pretty amazing slow speed performance-almost zero friction, good high speed glide in correct conditions as well, it's just not as screamingly obvious. I use this on most warm, wet snow days, applied over the appropriate wax job. I think it's a great product-just perhaps not so all encompassing as the promtion may lead you to believe.

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Asides from everything else in the comments above, zardox notwax is great when you're storing skis during the summer to help keep rust etc away from your edges.

I've used it for a couple of years now and have noticed a worthwhile difference. We get generally warmer and wetter snow over here in Scotland than you lot do though - apart from this year when it's all nice and light and dry from the frozen north and east :o)
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Hello followup to Zardoz NOTwax

I have used the product along with others and many different hot waxes for 16 years

Compatible with all wax, even if your gear has not seen wax in a while.
Not just for racers, but the general public is the group that needs this most.

WHO: Racers who have used ZARDOZ NOTwax for over 10 Years.

We have never had a pore clog, except on our face. We have never had base burn.
We have never had an issue of wax not absorbing or changing waxes

We not always clean before use- How many tunes ???? thousands.
We cannot speak for others just ourselves.



Felix -
We apply the notwax, then Hot melt any bodies wax . then prep.
Then another coat of notwax. temp range 10 to 60 degrees.

Dupont has thousands of chemists on the payroll. We are not chemists or paid.

Read the patents it is no secret what is in basic Hydro or fluoro waxes.

Some make wax at home and sell it on ebay or on the web.

A racer in GS cares about : the flat base only at the start and finish
Zardoz Notwax makes a difference at the start coefficient of friction.

If you need more you can apply standing up in line. Here and Now!

 Facts, not if wax works or who is is better,
We recommend Hot wax, self or shop ever 5 to 8 times out.
    Of course we use ZARDOZ Fluoro Line of  hot wax
But who needs wax.

   If you only go by what you see in the Shop or looking at racers, competitors, your missing the truth.
   1-Racers have nice gear, edges sharp, no hairs, wax etc. (small market)  80% tune them 20% Shop
   2-General Public: (big market)  75% public do not Hot wax. 25% Shop .
           On the slope survey 50% of the gear had not seen wax in years.
           I doubt they will add the time to do the work of hot melt, or running to the
           shop.  This works fast here and now!. Sure it will not fix a rusted edge or ptex
           hairs etc.
We did an on slope demo day to find out what was really on the slopes.
Roundtop PA , Feb 2011


Our estimate thousands of bases that day needed something, right here right now.

One person ( out of 240 skis, boards, twins, fats) said it had no effect, he had rusty and pitted edges, p tex hairs,


Test data -


A chemist did not discover this, Paul was a back country ski binding inventor, who by accident found an application for the product.


We never say "Never to hot wax", We always used hot wax felix process. First with "T,S,H" name brands....Hertle FC

  That is why I asked the company to create a Hot Melt wax. First Prototype called Speedy Blue (in patents reference)

       Then Fusion +, Now called Zardoz Fluoro.

and we never post rumors or non verified information.

We test, We prove, then we let you try.

Ask the others to do as much.

Liberty Mtn PA March 6, 2011 9 to 3:30 pm FREE NOTWAX Demo Day..


If you need it here and now see why Zardoz NOTwax was voted top 5 things to keep in your gear bag


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