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Scrapers that rust.

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Does anyone know what company makes carbon steel ski scrapers, the type that tarnish/rust. I far prefer the cutting action of carbon steel over stainless. I suspect most ski techs do?

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    You'll like this one--it is superior, and has served me well during my time as a race tech:   It's not stainless and comes VERY sharp (use with light pressure at first until you get the feel for it wink.gif)!



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Wood working tools.  Thinner be have a selection.


BTW Z nice I gotta get one.

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I don't see any scrapers like my "KWIK" metal one doing a quick online search.  It has a 30 (?) degree bend about a half inch from the edge to give a better attack angle.

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For scrapers that rust
with a kink we lust?

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Originally Posted by cantunamunch View Post

For scrapers that rust
with a kink we lust?


   Is that one-a them there hikoos??  I done herd 'bout them biggrin.gif



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I used a cheap plastic kitchen scraper. It worked so well. A kitchen stainless steel scraper would work well too. Just another option.

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