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Warbirds and Wheels

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I'm not usually a car kind of guy. But Phil's Barret-Jackson thread just made me think of this. If you are ever skiing in, or near, Wanaka NZ, be sure to check out Warbirds and Wheels. I first saw that car collection, courtesy of one of our own here, a few years before it went on public display. It is just amazingly cool. The cars are lovingly and perfectly restored. They embody a great line of automotive engineering, manufacturing, and ownership history. All right between Treble Cone and Cardrona. And the owners are super nice.


Worth following their FB page too.


Maybe others more knowledgable than I will want to say more...

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Thanks for the links.   If I ever get to NZ I'll definitely check it out. 

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Another worth seeing if you are in the neighborhood.  Just off of I-5 in Tacoma.  The LaMay Museum was, and may still be, the largest private car collection in the US.  Spectacular new digs just opened this last year, well worth stopping to see. (The whole thing was built from an empire based on garbage collection, what could be more fitting.)

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