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Twin Tip Thoughts

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Does anyone have any thoughts on the 2002 Line Ghetto Blasters? I am looking to get my 11 year old into twin tips. A friend has these but I am concerned they may limt his carving fun also. All thoughts are appreciated.

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It seems to me that just when kids were being enticed away from skiing and into snowboarding the New School came along and revitalized the sport of skiing. Yesterday at Loon Mountain a group of kids (all around your son's - or daughter's? - age) passed me skiing backwards (with an instructor) on their twintips. They were having a blast. I wouldn't be as concerned about the twintips negatively affecting his/her carving ability as I would about how much joy and excitement he/she finds in skiing by having a pair of twintips... That's my 20 cent's worth.

Good luck with your choice!

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the ghetto blasters would be a good, tough ski for your child. obviously not a pure carver, but would definately let him have a lot of fun, and youd be suprised how well they will hold an edge!
supplemant the quiver with a pair of jr race boards and the kid is set!!
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Thanks for the responses. I ended up getting my son a pair of 2002 GhettoBlasters off Ebay for $100. I am moving his Marker bindings to them and he will be ready to go.

Thanks again.
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Sweet deal on twins. I'd have a pair too if I could score em that cheap!
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nice!! he'll be ripping in no time!
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