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Binding mount - Rossi P12 or Salomon 912Ti???

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I've been skiing Atomic skis and bindings for the last 3 years. I need some feedback from you all re: binding choice between Rossignol P12 and Soloman 912ti.

FYI: I'll be mounting the bindings on a pair of new Rossignol B3s for the numberous upcoming "dumps" (LOL) we're gonna have this season in the great PNW.

I do know that the Rossignol P12binding has great elasticity,last thing you want skiing deep in the backcountry is prerelease, (right?) but the Salomon 912Ti seems much lighter.

Which of the two would you mount on the B3s and why?

Thanks group!

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I have both Salomon 912Tis & Look P12s/Rossi 120 Axials. The Salomon 912s have worked great and are amazingly light but I think the Looks/Rossis have better retention. Personally, I would go with the Rossi 120 Axials because their great bindings and mounting them on your Rossis will increase the warrantee on your skis.

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If weight is an issue check out the Look P12 Ti, same binding as the P12, but the metal in the heel piece is Ti. Great Binding, much lighter. Also check out ebay because sometimes you will get lucky and find one CHEAP.
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I would use the S912 ti for free skiing. I have two pairs of them on free skis that i have and they work great. I like not having to worry about having upward release on them, and i have never had a retention problem with them. I like having the long wings wrap around my boots... it could be a mental thing though. Also, just to let you know, i am sort of partial to Salomon since that is the only binding that i ski on (all 8 pairs of skis currently in use have Salomon bindings - the rest of my family also uses only Salomon). It isnt because they are superior in any way; it is just because i have always had good luck with them. I also find that when mounting to a plate on a ski they have the most user friendly hole pattern of any binding out there - meaning they dont interfere with the screws that hold the plate to the ski. I find that Rossi, Look, Atomic, and Marker often do, with Marker being the next least likely to interfere with the mounting pattern for a plate. The 912ti isnt cheap, but you get a great binding for the price, as well as possibly the lightest binding on the market today... if you dont need the 12 DIN, and you are looking for en even lighter binding, look at the S810 ti - same binding, it just has a lighter spring.
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Heluva -
I know this is likely evident to you, but, the longer wings will increase the amount of time the binding takes to release...
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on B3's...go with the p12's for sure!
super reliable, theyll never prerelease, doule your ski warantee, and theyll look super hot!
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