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This is weird!

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Got a Hyundai Santa Fe (love it by the way) but it has an oddity going on.

Like a lot of newer rigs it only has 1 keyhole, located in the drivers door.  Never liked that idea in a rig, but they did not ask me; got to have at least 1 in case the battery goes dead.  Suddenly you can not open the lock with a key, only the remote.  


Taking it to the doctor under warranty, but this one is just plain weird; thought you shadetree mechanics might want to take a run at it.  This something we are all apt to see in the future as keyholes keep disappearing.  So the question is...............




Will have an answer from the dealership in a couple of days.

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The security system may be keeping it locked, i.e. it wants to hear from the remote first.

Or it could be because you keep calling her a rig, which she is not, and she's decided to keep her knees together when your key comes poking round.
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Perhaps the linkage came apart.

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Any more educated guesses?  I went to the dealer and it was fixed.  Will tell you Thursday.

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Somebody stuck something in your key hole?

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If it was winter, I'd say ice in the keyhole. But you didn't specify whether you could insert the key and turn it without having the door unlock, which would indicate an issue with the mechanical linkage in the door lock.
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Keyhole metal bits stuck together from lack of use?

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Cantunamunch, you were closer than anybody.  


The last set of tumblers were seizing up. The service writer sprayed it with a bunch of liquid graphite, put more torque to the key than most owners would, and click.  Worked it a dozen times with both keys and the world was a better place again.  


Now I had lubed it with silicone spray in the lock that may have helped but liquid graphite did the trick. there will be a can of that in the garage before winter.   The service writer was rather surprised too mot something he sees very often on 1 year old cars.


Personally just very glad it was something simple, and that it is no longer an issue.


Thanks for playing. 

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