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Lake Tahoe April Trip

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I am going to the Lake Tahoe area next spring (3/29/14-4/05/14).  I have been to most major ski areas (Utah, Colorado I-70, Whistler, Vermont) but have never been to the Lake Tahoe.  I would like to know from locals what to expect weather-wise that late in the season.  The trip is booked and there is no changing dates.  I know you can't predict conditions eight months out, but historically, are the conditions good, marginal, or lousy?  Don't want to get my hopes up for great snow when there isn't much chance.  Any info is greatly appreciated. 

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You are coming during a good time, we tend to get a good amount of late snow here and not that there is any guarantee that you will get that week, but the skiing should be great. Like you said, it is already booked so plan on having a great time.
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Could be anything, Spring is a battle between Winter & Summer.


March 27 to April 8, 1982 — 15.5 feet of snow at Donner summit.


No matter what the weather, that is usually my favorite time of year for skiing in the Sierra!



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Could be Spring could be Winter, we seem to get it all.


Depending on where you plan to Ski I would either pick up a Tahoe 6 pack or a pass at one of the resorts.


Most areas will have Tickets at the window for $100 + so it pays to plan ahead

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The Tahoe 6 pack is a great suggestion.

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thanks guys...lookin forward to tahoe

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