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About 1 1/2 years ago, we skied a week with Eric Pehota and his son, Logan.  We skied some days at Selkirk Tangiers Heli Skiing, Revelstoke Mountain Resort, and Mustang Powder Cats.  It was a great trip and Eric and I hit it off pretty well. He's really a down-to-earth great guy and Logan a great kid. I'm really looking forward to skiing with him again, although I think Logan will be out as he's busy building his own ski career.


Eric was telling me about his summer business, Whistler Jet Boating on the Green River out of Pemberton (link here ) and suggested that if I got up to Whistler sometime in the summer to look him up and we'd go for a ride. So being intrigued, I emailed him prior to a recent trip my wife and I made there and did. This was a blast!  Eric scheduled me in with a family who was taking a ride one afternoon then had my wife and I over for beers and a barbeque with a couple of friends of his from Mackenzie where he grew up.  Here are some shots from the day:


Ready to launch:



First, we headed downstream to the confluence of the Green and Lillooet rivers where the Green River is green and the Lillooet is brown. Notice the contrast in shades. 


Here's a shot of Mt. Currie where Eric has skied numerous couloirs and lines. This is essentially his playground in his back yard.



This is the approach to Nairn Falls and the main crux of the river going upstream. 


Now we're having some fun! This is getting to about the end of where we could go with the boat. 


This is where we turned around and went back downstream. While it's nice running lots of power with a 383 Mopar engine pushing the boat, this portion of the river was a little wilder than what the boat should take. Going back downstream, there was plenty of air time and water over the bow to keep things interesting. Really a great ride!


Back at Eric's house. This was with his buddies who are regulars at Powder King. I need to stop by there some time and ski with them. PK sounds like it's aptly named. The building in the back is the chicken coop for his egg-layers and the four turkeys he's raising for Thanksgiving use. Poor guys have no idea what's ahead for them.


Lastly, a 3/4 family photo of the Pehotas. Dalton and Parveen were there but Logan was taking advantage of the last few days of the Horstman being open and was staying in Whistler. Thanks again, Eric. I had a lot of fun and appreciate your hospitality!