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At the end of last season I purchased a pair of Dynastar Speed Omeglass in 152 cm. Bindings used are the new Look P12 w. Lifters.

I am 5'10", 155 lb., level 8 skier, athletic. I use relatively stiff Lange Racing Boots (L10's) (Equivalent to todays Comp 120 or 130).

The Speed Omeglass is considered a Slalom ski, but its stiffness and increased dampening (due to interlaced sheets of titanium) make it more versatile. With an advanced to expert two-footed skier at the helm, it performs like an all-around expert carver (excludes deep pow).

Turn initiation is a snap and arcs feel pure thanks to the autodrive plate. Short and medium turns are easy, long turns are very good. A small sidecut radius forces you to stay on edge... straight, level gliding is a small challenge. Rebound energy is amazingly high as is responsiveness; the ski is mildly-moderately forgiving if you get into the back-seat. A center-weighted stance/posture with mild-moderate forward pressure works best (excessive forward pressure not advised). This ski functions well at all speeds below those experienced in Super G and Downhill. For a recreational skier, or Slalom/GS racer, these ski's are more than stable enough.

The stiffness of the ski is a good match with a stiffer performance/race boot. I wouldn't advise going with this ski unless you're pretty athletic, and use a boot whose stiffness matches that of the ski. FYI, J. P. Vidal skied to a gold medal on these bad-boys in the Men's Slalom at Salt Lake City.

For an instructor, these are a great all around pair of skis.