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Scratch BC vs. Pocket Rocket

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Woohoo, first post on this site. Nice.

So last Spring I demoed the Pocket Rocket 170s in Chamonix, and had moe fun on a pair of skis than I've ever had before. So easy, floated the powder, carved hip-to-ground on groomers, soft enough to forgive my technique in the bumps... fantastic. So I was planning on picking up a pair this year.

Then the Scratch BC came out. The only bad thing I ever heard about the Pocket Rocket was it wasn't all that durable because of it's thin cap constuction. I plan to take the ski into the backcountry and push it, so that's an issue. The scratch is the same dimensions, but with sidewall construction and wood core, and it's about the same price.

My problem is that I'm in the Northeast, so my chances of demoing these sticks are pretty slim. I liked the Salomon's so much, I'm afraid if I get the Rossi's without demoing I'm going to be disappointed. Can't find any reviews of them. Has anyone tried them side by side?

My other skis are stiff and tiring to ski; My east coast skis: Race Stock 9S 160cm, and my steep/backcountry skis: Nordica Ultra Wave 180cm w/ Fritschi Freerides), so one of the things I liked best about the Salomon was it was so easy, soft, and forgiving for the days I don't have the energy for the others o just want to play around. Other info that might help: I'm 5'8", 165lbs, ski steeps with no problem, but am not very stylish in trees or bumps.

Thanks all,
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Whoops. I meant I demoed the 175cm Pocket Rockets, not 170s (which don't exist). I'd be interested in the Scratch in either the 176cm or 182cm ... whichever is closer in feel to the 175 pocket rocket. Probably the 176cm, huh?
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Sorry I haven't ridden either one. But I would say that if you can't demo the scratch you have to go with the skis you already KNOW that you love. It's a sure shot compared to the gamble that you would like the scratch even better. Hopefully you'll find a way to demo the scratch and then you'll know for sure. Good luck!
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